Monday, January 09, 2012

Away we Go

Ah bliss.  Barring a couple of steps, hubs and I have finally planned a weekend away together.  We tried to recall our last trip together, just the two of us.  After sitting in silence for what seemed eternity, we recalled a short getaway weekend to Omaha to shack up over 5 years ago.  Pathetic.

Sure, we've been on a lot of trips together.  Just not alone.  If I had work conferences that took me somewhere fun and his schedule allowed he would accompany me.  We had some awesome fun - Mustang Island (in a Mustang convertible no doubt).  The River Walk.  Maui.  But in all of those trips I usually had my time dedicated elsewhere and not completely to him.

Where do people go in the winter to reconnect?  We could go to a beach somewhere, lug coolers and food down to the water, lug it all back to the car.  Ugh.  That does not sound appealing to me right now.

We could go to a spa and just check in?  Fun sure, but still too many distractions as our closest spas involve casinos and I'm pretty sure I know how that would end up.  Bright lights, noises and gambling - not my idea of reconnection.

So I sat still and closed my eyes, thinking of what I really wanted to do.  Relax.  Spend time in the kitchen with hubs.  Hike.  No phones, no computers, no television... no distractions.

Bingo.  No distractions.  Isn't that the entire purpose of reconnection?

I found it.  Log cabin in the woods.  Long way to get to it, totally secluded.  All of the amenities of a 4 star hotel with ATVs to boot, surrounded by woods, tons of wildlife and peace.  Oh, and did I mention the cell service isn't so great there?  I am so freaking excited!

So barring arrangements for little guy and the fur kids, we are on the road in just a few short weeks.  I cannot WAIT.  I think it may go down in the books as the best vacation ever.


  1. Jen
    Is this near Branson? Looks just like a cabin we stayed in.
    Hope it all works out and you get to go. Sounds like fun.

  2. No, we are headed to Southwest Missouri. This isn't the actual cabin but it's pretty darn close. I'm sure I'll take pics. Can't wait - we need the getaway! No weather will keep me from getting there!