Sunday, January 01, 2012

Chomp the Night

Oh, how I miss dreaming.  I would dream often as a kid.  Even as a teen, I would have the most amazing dreams.  Then, they changed.  I guess I still dream but it certainly isn't fairytale stuff where I'm flying or something.  All of my dreams as an adult root in fear at some level.  Although I wouldn't necessarily categorize them as nightmares either.

I have a recurring dream about my teeth.  Geesh, how weird is that?  I literally dream about them falling out.  Or being knocked out.  Sometimes I even pull them out myself.  I wonder if I am the only one that has this dream?

Both my boys are blessed with the most amazing teeth.  Bubba went kicking and screaming into braces that he really didn't need but in an immature, spiteful move I made him get them to get rid of the front tooth gap that is hereditary in my ex's family.  Best decision ever.  He has perfect, beautiful teeth and an awesome smile.  Little guy has the strongest teeth that I have ever seen in a kid.  Well, sort of.  They won't fall out.  I'm certain if you did an experiment on him and measured his calcium levels they would be through the roof.  He's 10 and is still drinking 5 gallons of milk a week!  He hates soda ~ I love when we go out to eat and he orders water.  Or milk :).  We protect his teeth with the best mouthpieces during football season to no avail.  He's probably the only 10 year old that still believes in the tooth fairy, especially since he's only lost 8 teeth!  

Two years ago he was playing on a neighb's playset and all of the kids piled on top of him to slide down the slide.  Not a strange occurrence ~ he is always the biggest kid in whatever group of kid's he plays with.  They crashed at the bottom and Whala!  Broken front tooth.  I bawled that night.  No, he was totally fine and not in any pain.  But it was his big, permanent front tooth.  Ah man.  How will we ever fix it?  Please don't crown my kid!

Miraculously though, it was fixed.  Then it broke again.  Oh just stab me.  So it was fixed again and we have warned him that we will inflict bodily harm to him if it breaks again.  

Both of my parents lost all of their teeth and wear/wore dentures.  My brothers don't have the best teeth if memory serves me.  And mine?  Well, they could certainly be better.

As we march into 2012, I'm glad my benefits start over and my dental maximum is unused.  I'm certain we will have more adventures this year.  I already have a list from my dentist of junk he wants to do so he can vacation in the Bahamas.  Awesome.  For now, I just hope I wake up tomorrow with all of my teeth still intact.  


  1. Bubba does have nice teeth but if he keeps grinding them at night I'm going to knock them out!!!!

  2. Oooh girl, I did that when I was his age! I had to get a nightguard and even tried acupuncture! STRESS was the culprit, shocker!

    Oh, and hubs looked this up and apparently this dream is quite common. Lack of control or power causes it. Awesome. :)