Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fittest Guy in the Nuthouse

It's official - he should be committed.

Hubs ordered Insanity Asylum.  From the moment he ordered it, he has tracked the package and its route.  It's been the week before Christmas all over again in our house - he has been filled with excitement!

For those of you that don't know, my hubs has had quite the journey.  Three years ago this spring he finally gave in and visited an orthopaedic surgeon who delivered the news that he had a herniated disc in his back.  Pretty overwhelming at 39.  He had lived pretty tough on that body of his ~ for YEARS he drove big trucks delivering  bottled water or food to customers.  A lot of twisting, a lot of lifting, a lot of pressure on the back.

He had surgery three years ago to correct the issue after 2 rounds of failed epidural shots.  The surgery seemed to work.

Last year, we found ourselves right back in the ortho office with similar pain.  After MRIs (which by the way was WAY worse for hubs than the surgery itself... he is a massive claustrophobic!), we found he herniated the same exact disc.  This time... irreparable.  It totally blew, like a balloon popping.  Surgery was not only inevitable, it was required.
We found a new surgeon - the best surgeon EVER in my opinion.  He is young, in fantastic shape and has a GREAT bedside manner.  After meeting with him, we learned our only perfect solution was to get a spinal fusion in that space where the disc is gone.  Ugh.  Much more invasive surgery.  Under anesthesia much longer.  Three day hospital stay.  Scary.
We took a leap of faith and did the surgery.  Hubs was a champion.  He soared right through with no complications and recovered beautifully.  The only difference this time is that he was given a significant amount of donated bone mixed with his own marrow to create this "cage" around the fusion site that would need to "grow".  Very complex if you ask me.  I'm always amazed by what the human body can do.  Recovery time?  Up to 18 months.  Oh man.

A few weeks ago, hubs visited the surgeon for his 7 month post surgery review.  He has been completely cleared.  Remarkable recovery, so they say.  The bone growth will continue but it has done exactly what the Dr. wanted it to do.  He has been given the green light to go forth and conquer the world.  And that he is!
Since that visit, he has hit the gym every morning mixing in cardio and lifting (which he has missed so much!  It's funny what you miss when you can't do it).  He has ordered Asylum.  He has signed up with me for Warrior Dash.  He is ON IT.  Fierce determination.  Maybe that is where little guy gets it?  He is working so hard to hopefully not experience the surgeries he had to endure ever again.  

So as I sit and blog away with my coffee in hand, he is working out behind me.  He is ATTACKING it quite frankly.  He has sent me pics of abs on guys I've NEVER even seen before, showing me his goals.  OH MY.

I better get off  my butt and work harder.  What is that saying about turning in your 40 year old wife for two 20's?  I'm off to CC's this morning to hit our P90x2 workout ~ I foresee some SERIOUS competition growing in our household very soon!  Bring it on, tough guy! 

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