Monday, January 23, 2012

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

In 4th grade, I spent roughly 9 months being a Girl Scout.  It was really my first foray into an extracurricular activity and I thought it seemed fun at the time.  Little did I know we had to actually do "homework".  Projects at home.  With your parents.  Um... fail.  I love my momma with ALL of my heart but that was absolutely NOT her strong suit.  I don't recall ever, ever sitting down with my mom and crafting.  So needless to say, after she dropped all the money for that hideous green jumper and sash, I earned one badge (which was never sewn on) and then quit.  

I did learn one thing though.... that song.  Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other's gold.

Yep.  Totally agree with that!

Yesterday hubs and I ventured out to a new friend's house for a playoff chili cook off party.  In all fairness, I did know the host ~ she and I were besties in junior high.  But she moved to Florida (traitor) at the end of our Freshman year and I never saw or spoke to her again.  Until facebook!  Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg!  She and I have reconnected and now we actually have each other's cell phone numbers and are in Book Club together.  See, it can be used for good and not just evil!

She and her hubs threw a party yesterday and invited our family.  7 years ago, we may not have gone.  We weren't very good at putting our toe in the water.  We were satisfied with our few friends we had and didn't really try to cultivate new relationships.  Oh, I'm so glad we've branched out!

We had an absolutely awesome time!  Little guy found some great new friends, conquered that evil shooting game on x-box on a big projection screen (which he has demanded we MUST install as soon as possible) and hubs and I made lots of new friends.  And we survived.  It is possible to try new things and survive.

I have a big busy week this week at work.  An opportunity has presented itself and I'm going for it.  I'm a bit  nervous but I know deep down I've got this one.  I'm going to bound out, make new friends and do what I do best.

Happy Monday, readers!


  1. Just now came across this. LOVE having you back in my life. And isn't it amazing how the years just melt away as if they never even happened? That's what you call a true friendship. <3

    1. It is EXACTLY a true friendship! Love you, Tracye!!