Sunday, January 08, 2012

2 Tickets to the Gun Show

Last night, we had a celebratory dinner for Sassy's birthday.  While nugget and little guy settled down to watch Despicable Me, the four of us had one of our chats in the kitchen.  We have a lot of those.  Fun, easy going, filled with laughter.

Bubba came straight from work to dinner so he was wearing a short sleeved shirt.  I haven't seen his arms in awhile - when it gets cold he typically covers his arms.  I couldn't help but notice his giant, bulging biceps.  I just had to ask him what was going on.

The kids have implemented a no cussing zone in their home.  Now that nugget is repeating words, it's important that he doesn't spout out the wrong kind.  The traditional "drop a quarter in a can" effort won't work either... who walks around with that much change?  So Sassy came up with a new reminder to keep their words clean.... punishment exercises.

For Bubba, it's 5 full, clean push-ups.  All the way to the ground, all the way back up.  For Sassy, it's full, complete sit ups.  My abs hurt just thinking about this.

So basically Bub is up to around 80 push ups a day.  And man, it SHOWS.  Not only his biceps and triceps, but he has these KNOTS on his arms.  At the elbow, on his forearm.  Yikes!  I had to actually ask if he had a tumor in his arm!  He is CUT!!  Hubs actually asked him if he had a new tat on his arm - because it's BIGGER than he recognized!

As he hugged me goodnight, I reflected on the sweet, chubby little boy I had just 10 years ago.  Now standing in front of me is a man, a father, a husband and a sailor.  So cliche' but true - time truly does fly.  

I'll tell you one thing ~ if I ever get into a bar fight I know who I want in my corner!

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