Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boastin' Lady Wood

"Oh yeah.  You guys are giving me serious lady wood."  ~ Queen Latifah.

I rented a car last night for a day trip today and as my favorite rental guy Sean was walking me out to the lot he asked me his standard battery of questions.

"Are you taking for business or pleasure?"  Business
"Are you packing luggage?"  Nope
"Want something sporty?"

Sure.  Why the hell not.  I'm in the market for another car in the next year so I might as well try on different kinds.  My days of mom car shopping are ca put (and really ended 5 years ago when Bubba left).  Besides, the next car will become little guys so he has added some serious commentary about what he wants to drive (or moreover what he doesn't want to drive).

As we walk up on the 2012 Dodge Challenger, I immediately think of Queen Latifah in The Dilemma.  Anytime she got around a "sexy car", especially one that vibrated, she would get instant "lady wood".  Love it.

Performed the walk around.  Explained the keyless drive.  Exclaimed "have fun!" as I drove off the lot.

Fun.  Driving to St. Louis and back in the same day is always fun.

I think it might be.  Now I know this car probably looks like a muscle man car, but it is SA WEET inside (quote from little guy).  One of my neighbs asked if I got a new car when I pulled in.  I said nope, rental.  He immediately apologized for my car being in the shop again.  Figures.  My damn Saab lives at the doctor.  Poor sick kid.

Sitting down with my cup o' joe this morning to blog, I opened the browser and guess what I found?  Ba ba bum....... a 2009 Dodge Challenger opened on the screen.  Black.  Beautiful.  Black leather interior.  I think I may be lusting after this car.

Only thing hubs said was "why didn't you get a hemi?"  Oh yeah, that is JUST what I need.  I already get made fun of in the 'hood because the Saab has a sport mode that lets it shift through the gears faster (which it DOES work, by the way!)  I'm sure if I pull in the drive with a man car that sports a hemi the jokes will be a flowin'.

I may have to host that show "Pimp my Ride" but this is a sweet car!  Happy trails today, friends!


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