Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Catch Me I'm Fallin'

My poor little guy.  He has an owie.

Why yes, that is McDonald's he is consuming!  He gets it about twice a year and this circumstance certainly warranted the treat.

My Coopster fell while playing basketball outside after school.  This isn't a completely unusual thing for him ~ his growth spurt this last summer has certainly taken his balance for a ride.  

Coop stands at a firm 5' 4 1/2" at just 10 years old.  He grew an inch and 3/4ths since July, 2011.  

Boys are such interesting creatures while growing.  I have vivid memories of Bubba grabbing his thighs in bed in the mornings and crying out because they were so sore.  He had his major growth spurt from his 8th grade to Freshman year in high school, growing around 4 1/2 inches in less than one year.  He was always complaining about his legs.  He should have ~ he is now topped out at 6'4"... the tallest in our family!  He had a secondary growth spurt between 18 and 19 years old, growing another 2 inches or so that year.  Finally he's complete!

But little guy ~ I fear his journey will be a little more difficult.  He has been off the charts since birth (a mere 9 lbs, 12 oz).  It's not really his weight though - it's his height.  He has been the tallest kid in every school class, basketball team, baseball team, football team, soccer team, etc.  Even last night, the doctor asked Coop how old he was.  "What are you, 13?".  All the time, every where we go.

So far we have been lucky.  Although he is super tall for his age, he has grown proportionally and steadily.

We are fairly strict with Coop about playing outside when we aren't home.  For this very reason.  Not that things can't happen while he is outside and I'm in the house, but if I'm home at least I can address it immediately.  Lucky for him, his accident occurred 15 minutes before Dad pulled in the driveway.

He was playing basketball and according to him, dove for a loose ball.  Doesn't surprise me.  Especially given he was playing with older kids, no doubt trying to impress them with his skills.  He landed straight down on his palm but unfortunate for him, it was with all of his weight.  Result?  Fracture in the wrist.  Ugh.

He'll be in a semi-cast for a week, then another round of x-rays to see new bone growth.  We have to take it a bit at a time so I have no idea how long this will last.  We are in the last few weeks of basketball, a season he has LOVED.  So that sucks.  I don't think it has sunk in yet that he won't be playing this weekend.  Limitations are not his strong suit.  "Mom, is it okay if I play kickball at recess tomorrow?"  Um... nope.  "Well, what if I just do the running part?"  Um... nope.  "What am I supposed to do then?"  Keep score?  I have no idea, little guy.  Just hang out.  Soccer starts in two weeks.... hope he can join them on time.

Oh lord.  Anyone that knows Coop knows clearly that sitting on the bench is NOT his idea of fun.

Big prayers for quick healing and recovery, please.  Not just for him... for ME too!  I had to bathe my buddy last night ~ first time in about 6 years.  I felt so sorry for him.  This too shall pass!


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