Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buy Me Something!

I have found through personal experience that the Baby of the Family (yes, that's me) often gets a bad rap.  As if just because the are born last they are spoiled rotten.  Get whatever they want (and ask for).  Are automatically granted immunity when settling arguments with siblings.  Well... obviously that is all wrong.

I think quite the opposite is true.  How many baby pictures (or any others for that matter) are taken of the  baby of the family?  And just for the record ~ just because they are typically the sassiest doesn't mean that they get everything they want.  We just have to learn to ask for what we want with gusto.

Little guy has had a rough go as the BOF.  Bubba would disagree, of course, because oldest siblings have to think the baby is spoiled rotten.  It's written somewhere, I'm sure.  But he really has... I would consider him much more an only child personality than a BOF.  He doesn't get to just "get" things.  When we hit the Target, he doesn't just get to buy something because he was good in the store.  If he wants something new, we still make him plan for it.  If something trendy and awesome comes out, he usually has to wait to get it for a holiday or special event.  

Oh believe me... it's TOUGH for me.  As the BOF myself, I want to just give him what he asks for.  He is such a great kid.  I honestly cannot remember the last time he was "in trouble".  Honestly.  He does exactly what he is asked to do, follows all of the structure given to him.  He does his homework unsolicited.  He works his tail off in his extra curricular activities.  He is polite and kind.  The closest he comes to being a sassy BOF is he argues with me like a crazy man sometimes, but I think that's just my love of debate coming through in him.

A few weeks ago while cleaning the kitchen, Coopster approached me to have a chat.

"Mom, it is time for us to place our book orders at school tomorrow.  Do you think it would be okay if I ordered some books?  I haven't ordered any since 1st grade."

"Buddy, you are totally exaggerating.  We bought books last year, I'm sure of it.  But yes, of course you can order some books!"

"Mom, really it was 1st grade.  I didn't order any in Ms. Magee's class.  Only in Ms. Dawson's class."

Pausing to remember.... I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday let alone what YEAR he ordered books at school.

"Okay sweetie.  Well of course you can order some books.  Go ahead and get it ready and I'll write the check in a bit."

After finishing the kitchen I bound upstairs to hubs.  I'm so excited to share with him that we have raised the most perfect child ever.  He doesn't want a video game or the latest, greatest pair of shoes.  He wants BOOKS!  Woo hoo.... we ROCK as parents!  He smiles when I tell him the story, not nearly as surprised as I am I'm sure... he expects it from little guy, I'm always surprised.

The next morning while scrambling to take dogs outside, get breakfast ready and get us all out the door, little guy reminds me to write the check for his book order.  "I put it on the desk mom next to your checkbook so you wouldn't forget."  He knows me so well.  2 seconds before he leaves for the bus, I finally pick up the book order.  $60!  WHAT?!?!?  Are you kidding me?  Nope, not kidding.  My son had ordered $60 worth of books.

I swallow hard and look at him.  "Buddy, are you sure you want all of these books?"  He replies "Yes, momma, I do want all of them.  Um... did I order to much?"  

A huge wave washed over me and I almost cried.  "No buddy, you didn't order to much.  Here is your check and order form.  Have the best day ever.  I love you, sweet boy."

With a grin he jammed his form into his backpack and ran out the door.  I sat in total bliss.  If that is spoiled, I hope I get the chance to spoil him every single day of my life!

To bring myself back down to reality, he asked me after school for an x-box.  Again.  It isn't enough that he already has 4 game systems between his Wii, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Sony whatever that handheld thing is called.  He wants another one because "it has different games on it, mom".  Whatever.  I wasn't born yesterday!  He's totally not getting it until he purges some of this other stuff and gives to someone that DOESN'T have 4 gaming systems that they don't play.

Love ya, buddy!


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  1. He could hold his own book sale with books he has read to help pay for it.
    So cute!