Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gonna get me some REVENGE!

Wednesday nights have turned into my favorite night of the week, all because of that damn box that sits in my living room.  Yep, it's official.  I'm addicted to television.  ABC television, to be exact.  Wednesday nights, to be more precise.

I absolutely love the programming on this show.  The Middle reminds me of well... me!  This mom works her tail off, isn't totally domestically gifted and makes tons of mistakes as a parent.  But she's passionate and loves her family, much like I do.  And of course, it takes place in middle America which is where I live! 

The throw in some Suburgatory.  Absolutely love Tessa!  Father and daughter from NY relocated to the suburbs... and not just any 'burbs.  Every stereotypical thing you can imagine from a white, rich neighborhood takes place in this neighborhood.  Tessa's way of handling the transition just makes me laugh out loud every single week.  She thinks the situation is ludicrous (mostly because it is)!

LOVE me some Modern Family!  Awards aside, funniest writing on television to date.  I love the family dynamic and how they have thrown them all together.  They don't act perfect.  They hurt each other's feelings.  They say things sometimes they wish they could take back.  And they love each other conditionally.  Ahhh, finally someone gets it.

The night of course wouldn't be complete without a big hour dose of REVENGE!  My absolutely FAVORITE show on television!  I can't believe how hooked I was from the first episode.  If the house was burning down around me, smoke alarm blaring, firemen rushing in... I wouldn't budge off that couch (well... possibly the firemen!)  Hubs has learned over the years that when I'm that committed to something, he doesn't even attempt to talk to me.  I can't hear him... even when he is sitting directly next to me.  I get so ingrained I can actually feel the sand beneath my toes and sun on my face as Emily (aka Amanda) walks the beach with Daniel.  These characters are so rich in their design that I even love the ones I hate. 

I'm sure my mom felt the same way about Knots Landing.  Or Dynasty.  When she would "Ssshhhhh!!" my hiney right out of her door at 9:00 pm to watch her "stories".  I work EXTRA hard on Wednesday nights to make sure little guy is tucked in watching his own stories by 9:00 pm so I don't miss a beat!

I know a lot of friends that could permanently live without their televisions.  I too dream of a day when technology doesn't absorb so much of time.   But I would much rather get rid of my PHONE than my TV.  Of course that's only because I want people to not interrupt my viewing pleasures!

I'm thinking there are probably meetings for this, too.  I'll have to google it.  On my television :).

Happy viewing, friends!


  1. you are so funny, Jen. Amazing how much we are alike. I, too, am addicted to Wed. night tv. And now, Monday night for The Voice. Wed and Thursday nights, it is American Idol and then Revenge! Omg, I love, love, love that show. I anticipate every moment. I was so afraid it was Daniel lying in the sand last night, I had to hide my eyes. I am rooting for Emily to finally wind up with Jack, but damn, Daniel is a hunk. The only thing I don't like about the show, is that you never know when they will be showing a rerun. They did manage to tell us last night, the next episode won't air till Feb. 19. Don't they know I am OLD? I don't like to wait on anything!
    I wait every year for Idol to come on. All my friends and family know better than to call me during Idol hours. Now, don't think I am addicted year round. That has to stop when the Royals start playing. Dale has control then.

  2. OMG, I feel like I just read my own blog! Wednesday nights on ABC are the best!!!