Saturday, February 04, 2012

Kill the Wabbit

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Hubs has embarked on his two day hunter safety course this weekend.  It's a LONG class - 6 to 9 pm last night and 8-5 today.  He's gonna learn to shoot some stuff, the safe way (I wonder if they pass out beers during the class?)

He was thrilled that he wasn't just an old guy in the class.  Actually, he said there were a lot of women in there. I wonder if he is trying to get me to take Coop when he turns 11...

On top of him just slammin' it on the exercise regime, he has spent almost every night in our basement shooting his bow.  No worries~ he wasn't shooting at me or little guy.  He has all kinds of stuff set up down there.  Sometimes I am afraid to enter the room for what I might find next!  Fake animals shot in the heart... just makes me sad.

He's taking on this new passion with a gusto.  If he wins his weight loss challenge at work, he's buying a gun with his winnings.  I guess that means he'll be certified, he'll have weapons and be physically cleared to go.  Yikes.  All we have left to buy are tags (or licenses or something).  I have a feeling our romantic getaway in the middle of nowhere in our beautiful cabin is going to turn into OUR official first hunting trip.

Now don't start preaching to me about the virtues of animal population control.  I get it.  I'm not stupid - I don't want to hit a deer on my country road either!  But I also do NOT want strangely wrapped white packages of stuff in my freezer.  I do NOT want heads of ANY kind in my house (I MEAN IT, DAVIS!).  Oh, and I certainly do NOT want fur, hair or pelts of any kind laying on my floors (or walls).  This is not my ideal interior decorating.  Besides - I'm sure they won't fit in the Tiny House and so there is no reason to start with them now.

Maybe we donate all the meat?  Is that possible?  I'd love to actually think we were giving back to someone in need.  That would make me feel much better.

Hubs did tell me this morning that he held the glock I want (another blog) last night and said he knows why I like it so much.  Bubba keeps telling me no - it will jam up on me, he says.  I know what he really thinks...I'm far to emotional to have my conceal and carry.  I'm sure I could justify an accidental shooting somehow, particularly if someone hurt my kids.  Yep.  Then I'd end up in jail.  That would SO derail my future retirement plans.

I think I'll stick to my blogging.  It's a much safer outlet for all.  Well, unless you are certain people.

Happy Saturday, friends!


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