Sunday, February 26, 2012

Run Away with Me

I've always been competitive.  It's just something in my blood.  Not that I want people to lose, I just want to win that badly.

Hubs and I have started to run together and I am LOVING it.  There is just something about working alongside a partner, be it in the kitchen, folding laundry or working out.  His movements motivate me to work harder.  

He has mapped out a mile, a mile and a half and a two mile run.  After an hour of Insanity this morning, he chose the mile route.  Hey, no complaints outta me!  Although I've been running in the 'hood for a few years now, I love that he is taking initiative to work out his own routes.  The best part is that they are different than the routes I have run in the past!  

Of course he MUST start our run this morning with a massive hill... and not just an incline, a MOUNTAIN.  My little legs were burning before we even got to the top, which was barely a quarter mile!

Immediately following the massive hill is yet another incline.  Oh, and then another one.  Yes, our 'hood is FILLED with hills.  I never have to worry about working intervals around here... we get all of our hill workouts right at home.

By the time we hit .6, my stride felt awesome.  I still cannot stop talking about this B12 injection and what it is doing for me.  I am an entirely new person.  Each step felt beautiful, where I literally was struggling to get a mile in with my girlfriends.  I felt totally defeated and ridiculous... how can a girl go from a successful 20 mile run less than a year ago to not being able to complete a mile?  Oh, many factors can bring a girl down.

A rebound is on it's way.  Davis and I are signed up for two runs together and are looking at a few more. He is going to take on Hospital Hill with me and I'm sure others to follow.  The best part?  We are DETERMINED to beat each other.  Our smack talk has reached all new levels.  He's totally going down... there is no WAY I will let that old man beat me! :)

By the way - my productivity has continued still from yesterday.  After our run I washed my car inside and out, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and made lunch.  I'm unstoppable!

I am starting my week with the best attitude I've had in MONTHS.  Tonight I am attending a Cabaret featuring Kristin Chenoweth with my coworkers all dressed in fancies, which is way fun!  Pics to follow, I'm sure.

I hope you have a blessed and happy Sunday, friends!

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