Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hittin' the Branches

I LOVE debating with my oldest son.  He is so passionate when he feels he is right about something, as am I.  We don't spend much time alone together anymore but when we do I always laugh! 

We had lunch together yesterday and among lots of discussion items, he defined the different branches of the military to me.  In our own words, we started to debate the logistics.

Me:  "Hey Bub, aren't the Marines the toughest people in the military?  Aren't they the ones that land on the beach and are batshit crazy, running all around killing everyone before anyone else moves in?" (Clearly watched Saving Private Ryan WAY to many times).

Bub:  "Well, not exactly mom.  They are very tough physically but often times it's the Navy Seals that goes in first to clear out a situation, then the Marines follow."

Me:  "Right, but the Navy guys just give the Marines rides places, right?"

Bub:  <Laughing> "Not exactly mom.  We don't just "give rides".  The Marines are actually a branch of the Navy if you must know."

Me:  "Um, that can't be right, Bubba.  Everyone knows the Marines are the toughest."

Bub:  "Right mom, but they train the same regimen as the Navy Seals.  So obviously, the Navy is tough, too."

Me:  "Oh, okay.  Well the Air Force to me are the coolest.  Seriously.  They do all that really cool fighter pilot type stuff like Top Gun!"

Bub:  "Um, mom... not exactly.  Those are Navy pilots."

Me:  "What?  The Navy guys fly, too?  Oh yeah, that's right... now I remember.  But then what do the Air Force guys do?"

Bub:  "Drop bombs from VERY high altitudes, not engaged in air fighting or ground infantry."  

Seeing that I was still very confused,he gives me this perfectly halarious way of remembering the branches:

The Army is like a Saint Bernard.  It's protective.  It's big.  It's bark is huge and scary and if it bites you, it hurts.

The Air Force is like a Pekingese.  You don't see it much, because it's always hiding somewhere, but it does have a job.

The Navy is like a Labrador Retriever.  Very faithful, consistent and helpful.  Will lead or retrieve when needed.  

The Marines are Pit Bulls.  'Nough said.

I think I can remember that!  Honestly, if I want someone in my corner... I think I'm going with the Labs :).

I wonder what he would say about the Reserves?  I'll have to ask him the next time I see him.

Thanks for helping me get it, Bubba!  Love our times together!

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