Friday, February 17, 2012


Another week, another FRIDAY!  I hope you had a great week and are able to enjoy some weekend downtime!

It's time for my FAVES (my new favorite blog of the week, in case you wondered).  ENJOY!


As if I didn't throw up enough of this on my facebook this week, I am absolutely in LOVE with Seth Casteel!  He specializes in underwater canine photography and is so freakin' COOL!  You can see more of Seth here:   Underwater Photos.  Here is my favorite one!


It wouldn't be Friday without a sassy quote.  This one is so true... I always feel like people are yelling at me when they type in caps!


Yep, totally want to go here.  Brings together my love of Tiny Houses as well as a beautiful destination.  Maybe I should just move to Bora Bora permanently... best of both worlds?


Okay, I didn't get to make these for Vday... but my co-worker's daughter and nanny did!  We were the lucky recipients of these tasty treats and OH MY GOODNESS!  I truly fell in love and want to make a zillion reasons to make them every weekend of my life forever and ever.  Okay, maybe not THAT often...  here is the link to the recipe!  Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies


Unless you live in a dumpster, you couldn't possibly have avoided the beautiful music of Adele this week.  She racked in 6 GRAMMY awards this past weekend and topped it all off with a perfect performance of her hit song Rolling in the Deep.  If for some reason you do live under a rock, click here to listen to it!  Adele: Rolling in the Deep   I Love, love, love her!


For those of you that know my upbringing, you will remember that my mom was a collector of stuff.  Dolls, mostly.  CREEPY dolls.  Ugh.  She came by it honestly ~ her twin, older sister and mother all collected dolls as well.  But my Aunts both took it one step further... collecting LOTS of stuff.  This poster just reminds me to be careful in that I most likely possess this genetic anomaly and I don't want it to happen to me!  Maybe this is why I read so many minimalist books??


As hubs and I embark on our weekend cabin trip ALONE this weekend, this picture reminds me of the prize:  quiet, uninterrupted moments.  I cannot WAIT to take this trip with him!!


This just seems way to good to pass up.  I'm loving the colors on the plate!  I'm not much of a red meat eater anymore, but I think I would jump at these if hubs put them on my plate.  YUMMO!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!!!


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