Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I did it!  I accomplished my impossible task of removing electronics from my life... for almost 48 hours!  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be... actually quite the contrary.  It was refreshing.

When hubs and I awoke this morning, it was bittersweet.  Back to reality.  Back to starting laundry, working out, rushing the dogs and the kiddo and getting out the door to arrive to work.  Don't get me wrong, we are both happy in our work lives.  But our weekend time was absolute bliss.

We started our weekend with an amazing couples massage Friday.  First massage ever for hubs.  I was a bit nervous how we would feel about it so I left it a surprise as long as I could.  Even after telling him I could sense he was just pretending to be excited about it.  My hubs is a man of few words.  He is an intentional speaker, quite the opposite of me.  When his mouth moves, he has thought out his words carefully and he means them.  When our therapists left the room and we laid quietly together, I asked him how he felt.  His response was simple:  "I think Stephanie should move in with us".  Mission accomplished!  And now, perv readers... this was NOT a happy endings joint!

 Afterwards we journeyed 3 hours south to our weekend destination:  a cabin in the woods.  Words cannot describe how excited we both were when we unlocked the gate and drove 2 miles down a dirt/gravel road to the cabin, which sat amidst 22 acres. 

The weather was perfect.  55 degrees during the day, 40 at night.  The sun was shining both Friday and Sunday with a bit of overcast on Saturday.  Couldn't have turned out any better in the month of February in Southern Missouri!

 The name of our rental was Pinehill Cabin, and that it was.  The grounds were covered with pine trees and claiming a "hill" is an understatement!  We hiked quite a few miles on Saturday and the terrain was pretty steep.  


The cabin was perfect. The owner had thought of everything a home would need, right down to a corkscrew. She supplied us with starter logs for the firepit, a heated outdoor jacuzzi ready to go and a fully stocked kitchen.

 In addition to hiking and relaxing, Bubba lent us his handgun to test during our trip.  We are considering purchase of a weapon for personal protection.  Needless to say I better stick to my "wasp spray" idea of protection against a predator... I would probably hit them better than with a bullet!  I'm pretty sure my eyes weren't open as I never saw it go anywhere and two days later, I'm still sore.  Yikes.  Hubs did have a blast shooting his 410 though.

I learned three things on this weekend adventure about myself.  First, I can survive without any electronics at all as long as I have a coffeepot.  Second, I don't really require a watch, clock or any other means to tell time when the sun comes up and sets as a reminder.  Lastly, I really did marry my best friend. 

Without any interruptions, bills, laundry or kiddos with us, hubs and I discovered our perfect harmony.  We are considerate of one another.  We laugh at each other.  We are sympathetic to each other.  We are different in almost every way but understand each other's differences.

We did also discover that we absolutely can survive in my Tiny House dream, with some modifications.  The top floor of the cabin we rented was a glorious 550 sq ft and was every single thing we needed.  When we wanted to achieve privacy, one of us went outside.  The next test will be a week in this environment to see if we can survive but I'm fairly confident of the outcome.

I will say that anytime I did pick up my phone, my hubs reminded me of my "minimalist" ideology.  I think sometimes it was just a habit but one I could easily break!  It was helpful that we had no cell or internet service where we stayed.

I do have to say though that I did miss my blogging.  I'm thinking writing a book would be the best solution to that removal.  It may be my only outlet to get my thoughts down on paper and out of my head.

So tonight we will roll in, tired from a long days work, and pick up where we left off this morning.  Laundry, dinner, time with little guy, prep for Tuesday.  I suppose there is some comfort in the consistency of our lives.  I would just prefer it be in a less demanding fashion.

Welcome back, readers!



  1. You make me smile, Jen. I am so glad your weekend went well. Was this cabin down south of Branson. We had looked at a cabin down there several years ago, but didn't stay there.
    I am so very happy you are so very happy in your marriage. Makes me happy, so no everyone is happy! Love ya

  2. Replies
    1. We stayed in Pineville, Missouri. It was AWESOME. They even have a store called The Beer Store with a drive up window. Ha! We would fit right in there permanently!!