Thursday, January 26, 2012

Priority Scheduling

Scheduling with a family is always so difficult.  Especially when the kiddos get older and have their own separate lives and activities.  

Although I / did raise two only children, when they did overlap it was quite a challenge.  Little guy was born a week after Bubba's 12th birthday.  Middle school football games, church midweek and confirmation classes and school activities.  It was a rough go.  Or taking a toddler to a high school basketball game.  That's always a fun activity (2 year olds LOVE to sit in bleachers).  Not to mention we were the only parents with a baby at Bubba's events.  It was tricky to navigate.

Often times we found ourselves having to make choices.  Confirmation midweek, a football game and a school dance fall on the same night.  What do you do?  Of course God is important.  But what about letting down your teammates on the team sport you committed to play?  And then there is the girl you asked out to the dance.

Even though little guy is home alone now, we still have conflicts in schedule.  Most of the time they are with me, which makes me feel just awful.

This morning little guy is climbing the stage in front of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade student body along with parents and family members to give it a go at the All School Spelling Bee.  It's at 9.  I won't be there.  It breaks my heart but I have a big opportunity at work and I absolutely must go.


It's the journey of parenthood, no doubt.  I've been so sad about it I haven't even told him I'm not going to be there.  I don't want him to think about that ~ I just want him to think about his words and gain his own confidence.  We worked for 2 hours last night... he's ready.

BIG prayers out to my little guy this morning and his scary, awesome opportunity.  I know he will shine!  Hubs is determined to sit front row so he can tape it (and heckle students... nice).  Hubs P's will be there as well.  Go get 'em, big guy... you've got this!


  1. So sorry! My kids wanted to wear team coop tees to school!

  2. Jen, Molly cheered for Coop! I love that girl. He was out in Round 2, and cried :(. Poor buddy. But I love that he had courage to do it ~ it was a great learning experience for him!!