Friday, March 08, 2013


Well friends, we made it through an entire week without more snow!  Woo hoo!!  All our beautiful, fluffy stuff is melting into yucka, brown slush.  Blah.  I am super energized though about the sunshine!

Below are my faves from around the interweb this week.  Enjoy!


Although not suitable for work, I am SUPER excited to don this outfit this weekend at the annual St. Patrick's Day Westport Run!  Don't you think I should win best costume??  I do!  I am very unhappy though that hubs won't match me.  Oh well... a girl can't have EVERYTHING she wants.


It's been MANY years since we've had a traditional coffee table.  I'm thinking of making my own.  Preferably from reclaimed barn wood.  Yes, I'm THAT kind of person.  I think this is perfect for me.


Everyone that knows me closely will totally get this.  I am VERY slow to forgive.  I'm a Scorpio, what can I say.  And I just so happen to use the term bat-shit crazy almost every single day of my life.  Perfect for me.  This totally helped me with all the drama my ex caused in our family.


Sign me up.  Bora Bora.  I don't even know where that is but I simply don't care.  Take me there, NOW (please).

FAVE MONTH (right now)

I love March.  The beginning of Spring.  Moving the clocks forward.  Cold but sunny, a gentle reminder of things to come.

I think I need to try this.  I love this neckline and supposedly this isn't hard to do out of old shirts.  I have lots of long sleeve ones that are really a more summer weight so I'm thinking this could do the trick!  Sorry I can't tag the "to do", the blog link isn't working at this time.


Okay, I often struggle with staying on task.  I'm sure you are shocked right now.  Really though - I just tend to jump from thought to thought.  Apparently it takes 21 days to make something a habit, tricking your mind into doing something routine.  I love this easy reminding system of staying on goal - a daily post it to rip off and put in the trash once completed.



I need these for little guy, badly.  We are both music lovers and constantly competing for volume control in my house.  Typically I have either the tablet, the laptop or my iPhone on a docking system playing music (or the surround sound).  In addition, he is blaring something from his iTouch.  Too much!!  These he could take to any room, plug in and away he goes.  Gotta get them!


I've found my next gathering snack.  YUMMO!  Check out these bad boys!  Click here for the recipe----->  Mozzarella Cheese Buns


All I usually need to do to get my fitness goals back on track is tape a picture much like the one below to my mirror at home.  If I stand naked in front of said mirror for 5 minutes staring at the picture, I want to make change.

Here is my newest motivation.  Yep, this will get me closer!  Thank God I'm running a 4 mile race this weekend to get me going!

Have a great Friday, friends!


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