Thursday, March 21, 2013



I met Hubs in August of '92.  Although he traveled a significant amount (and usually over the weekends), we did our best to see each other and develop our relationship.  Our perfect storms were when Bubba was with his father for a weekend and Hubs didn't have a trip.  He dropped on one knee in December.  The wedding plans were in FULL swing by early spring of 1993 - we planned a July wedding.  No waiting here!

Then it happened.  He stopped calling.  He was "busy" all the time.  He spent weeks away from me and with the guys.

And I learned what March Madness was all about... the hard way.

I can still remember feeling furious at him for weeks.  "You're watching basketball, AGAIN?  How damn long is this crap on??"

Clearly I didn't care at that time in my life, nor did I want precious time taken away from me to watch sweaty boys playing on teams we didn't even know.

Little did I know.

As my alarm blared this morning, I rolled over quickly and turned it off.  I always know Hubs alarm is going off about 20 minutes after mine so I snuggled in and smiled knowing I was going to get a little snooze.

I opened my eyes gently, viewing the beautifully pink and red sunrise coming over the horizon.  Although I'm sure freezing, the birth of morning was gorgeous today.  Within seconds it dawned on me:  I never see the sunrise anymore with daylight savings time.  What time is it?  I scrambled up to look at Hubs clock (and him snoring away happily).  7:20.  CRAP!  How in the hell did we ALL oversleep?

Oh yeah - it's March Madness.  Hubs is off watching two straight days and 48 hours of basketball.  Then he'll do it again next weekend.  And the next weekend.  For weeks until it's over.

I scrambled down the hall screaming for little guy to get out of bed.  Choir practice, 7:20.  Ah man... I love being a mother.

Of course we got him up an hour early yesterday even though it was Late Start Wednesday.

I do have to make one small admission:  I absolutely LOVE college basketball now.  It took years and quite frankly the participation of both of my boys to get me totally into the sport, but I'm there.  I even have my own bracket (the winning one, of course).  Sometimes I might pick because I dislike the other team more (ahem, kU) but no doubt I love the statistical side of the equation.  

For all my girlfriends, take a deep breath and know they will come back to you.  For my married girls, take some time for yourselves during their "busy season".  You'll be shocked how much you can accomplish while they are busy!

As for me?  I'll be sitting somewhere, preferably with friends and colleagues, watching as many games as I can.  Go Tigers!

Enjoy the madness!


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