Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reconnection is Essential!

First day of Spring!  Thank GOD!  I am so thankful for warmer weather to come, the sun shining on my face and short sleeves.  Unfortunately not today, however.  I'm pushing it with peep toe heels to be honest.
Hubs and I took a day off work this week and had a mini staycation in Kansas City.  We coupled it with St. Patrick's Day which as always turned out to be a blast.  In our 21 years together if there is one thing that we have learned about each other it's that being best friends has to be the single most essential part of our marriage.  We happen to be really good at that part, even if others struggle from time to time.  I'm sure he doesn't like me ALL the time but for the most part, we get along great together as friends.

Oh - and before I forget... our race pics are in from last weekend.  LOVE them!  I'll definitely be running this race again!

We laugh.  We joke.  We quote movie lines (and music lyrics).  We are at ease.  Comfortable.  We know each other's thoughts before the other even speaks.  Somethings that only comes with time.
We've been unbelievably busy with little guy lately, me jumping planes every two months to see the California kids and heightened stressors in our career, living environment and future destination.  Emotionally we were pretty worn down.  We haven't even been to church due to our schedule, which was really starting to help make us feel more centered I believe.  In short - we were disconnected.
This mini-vacay was a necessity for us.
We even bumped into the same friend of hubs we ran into at the run last weekend.  Must be fate to hang out with him.  Or just the simple fact he is Irish and we keep hanging out at Irish events.  That might be it.

I could quote hubs a million times from his one liners those two days but the majority of it needs to stay private.  By far though is my fave from EARLY on the first day (I think we possibly had one beer at this point....)
"The Leprechaun always gets laid."
Oh hubs, could you be any funnier?  He of course was referencing a grown, 50 year old man dancing in the basement of Blaney's fully clothed as a leprechaun.  He was flanked by 4 women dancing all around him.  Yep, I'm sure he's right.  If you're going that outlandish you are sure to score.
Or another personal fave of mine...
"You know, the only reason I don't dance is because I don't want to spill my beer."
Touche, Mr. Davis. 

I'm so glad we took the time to do this, even though my phone did buzz and ring all day on my day off.  And yes, I answered it.  I'm dedicated like that.
Hopefully we can find some time again before next year.  We do have a big anniversary hitting this summer...
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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