Wednesday, September 05, 2012


WOW.  Some days I am utterly shocked what my body will do... or won't do.

Turning 40 definitely brought about some giant changes, most of which were mental.  I thought that I was going to fall into the abyss after my birthday, joining friends that have giant lists of complaints about their bodies and health.  My combatant to that?  I jumped into physical activity even more.  The result?  I hurt myself... A LOT!  It seems like every three months last year something else was going wrong with my body.

Today I have taken a step back.  I don't push myself quite so far but certainly don't sit on my couch, either.  I don't run with abandon any longer - I'm careful about the path I run, the cracks in the sidewalks, the uneven curbs.  Unfortunately, I've learned to be a bit more careful.

Hubs and I ran a long run this weekend and as usual, I paid for it.  My body ached, hips screaming at me for torturing them.  Nope, I didn't stretch enough.  Nope, I didn't warm up with short runs last week.  I completely failed my body.

Although still sore and achy, I laced up the shoes this morning and hit the road.  The first mile HURT.  I was slow.  It was really hard.  As I rounded the trail into my second mile my body started to ease, loosening up.  My stride fell a bit longer.  My shoulders dropped.  It didn't seem so bad.  Mile three was probably one of the best miles I have ever run.  And although I struggled into mile 4, the finish was simple.

As we walked up the driveway, I couldn't help but think of how badly everything hurt when I got out of bed this morning.  Tying my shoes, I had given myself a hundred reasons that I shouldn't run today.  I even flirted with hubs to try to distract us from our goal.

I am so thankful for whatever drives me to get on that road.  And forever grateful for the ability to run it.  I feel a hundred times better.

Friends - if you are struggling with your exercise goals, just remember this:  the first step is the hardest.  Once you start to move, your body will appreciate your efforts and will make it easier for you.  The biggest stumbling block you have is your MIND.  Push through the negative and go for it!

I am my biggest enemy.  I have to remember that ~ my body will prevail if I just push myself to move..

Have a great Wednesday, friends!



  1. I've fallen off my exercise path. Thanks for the nudge. Hopefully, the excuses will be fewer tomorrow morning!

    1. Hang in there, Tracy! Excuses SUCK and are so hard to get around, but you can totally do it. Just think of me...I'll be throwing down coffee to get out for a 5 mile run in the morning! I'll be thinking of YOU! :)