Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time to Go

And they are off.  Bub and Sassy have hit the road.
You know that commercial with the little girl behind the wheel of her daddy's car, asking him if she can go out with her friends?  Flash forward to the next scene and she's a teenager?
That's how I feel right now.  My kids drove off this morning for their cross country trek to their new home in California.  How is that even possible?  Seven years ago, they were these two kids!  I will say this though:  they look practically the same as they did back then.  I'm so jealous! Seven years drastically changes me!

Memorial Day, 2005

And now?  Well, after proms, graduations, college, a beautiful wedding and an incredible child, they are so ready to take on another new challenge. 
Oh, I know.  They will be fine.  They will have fun.  They will love it there.  But I will miss them so, so much... every single day.
My bestie totally has my back.  A trip is already planned and they haven't even left the state yet.  She knows my heart well enough to know I needed a plan in order to get through this departure in one piece.
Their turn around at home was short and sweet.  Packing, planning, mapping and visits with family and friends jammed into less than a week.  I think being on the road alone together will feel fantastic after all of the talking and physical work they have completed in such a short time!  They have thought of everything, planned and saved for the unexpected and are ready to get there. 
My last night with them was painful.  I couldn't stop hugging them.  I cried a lot, even when I tried not to.  I told hubs my heart was hurting. 
Lot of families live far apart.  They talk once a week, or once a month and maybe see each other once or twice a year.  I so can't do that.  I try to talk to one (if not both) of my kids every single day, even if it's just to hear their voices and know they are doing okay.  I guess I can still do that with them 1,600 miles away.  It just seems so far right now.
Please send up a prayer that they travel well and arrive safely at their new home.  They are definitely living on love and faith and have given it all to God (and the United States Military, of course).  I couldn't be more proud of the wonderful family they have grown. 

Arrival Home from A School, September, 2012

Happy Thursday, friends!

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