Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Train

Sometimes I forget to slow down and appreciate the fact that I have forgiving people in my lives.  I really need to take stock and do that more often.
Obviously by my lack of writing you know I've been swamped.  If I don't blog, I'm either dead ill or completely overwhelmed.  It is essential to my well being to dump my thoughts on paper (okay, screen).  So if it isn't happening - come looking for me!  This is me right now:

I'm giving some props to my biggest supporters who during my busiest times step up immensely.
First off, the little guy.  Man, he's an awesome kid.  I absolutely love the morning dance we have perfected between one another.  He knows by my tone exactly what kind of mood I am and constantly adjusts accordingly.  I always claim he is inflexible but emotionally he really isn't.
Case in point - this morning was a bear.  I woke up tired.  I usually don't do that, so it isn't a good sign when it happens.  He is off school for the next two days and as we head towards his Granny's house, he quietly watched me.
I sat silent.  Even after coffee.  A LOT of coffee.  I was focused on the road and completely unable to speak. 
And my buddy, who talks 24/7 and never stops making noises in between, silently rubbed my arm.  He didn't say a word.  He knew.
As we got closer, he quietly said "Momma, you are really busy lately.  I hope that gets better soon."
Yep... he's a keeper.
Hubs is constantly forgiving me, especially during my crazy busy schedule.  I forget to buy milk, or laundry soap, for DAYS.  And it magically shows up.  I forget and/or lose stuff constantly:  my keys, my phone, my shoes.  It's ridiculous.  And he is usually standing behind me handing them to me.
It's those unspoken moments that I dearly love the most.  When someone just gets you.
My older kids get it, too.  They totally understand when I can't pick up the phone... or when I do and I'm a bit grumpy.  They adjust accordingly and love me more.
A girl couldn't ask for more.
As this weekend FINALLY gets here, I have a ton to celebrate.  My people get me.  Thank God - I'm not so sure the rest of the world necessarily does most days.
Have a great Thursday, friends! 


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