Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mom vs. Social Media - Round 1

It's happening... my little guy is changing.  And it happens that fast.

He just turned 11 a few weeks ago and already I see a giant difference.  How can that be?  10 was only THREE weeks ago... so how is that in one week he is so different?

I'm sure it really didn't happen that way but it sure seems like it to me.  I'm going to go ahead and blame it on social media, although I'm sure that's only a dent of it. 

Little guy joined the ranks of millions ahead of him and got an iPhone for his birthday.  And just like that (invisible snap), I've lost him.  When he gets home at night he sticks his face in his screen.  He doesn't hear me.  He doesn't communicate.  He's to busy with Instagram, his kik and downloading zillion dollar apps.

Oh, and he likes girls.  A month ago he told me they were "annoying".  Awesome.

Who is this child??

Bub skirted this tech era perfectly.  Social media was just beginning, he didn't have a phone (it was 1999 so of course he didn't!) and we had one MONSTER computer in the house that we all shared, so he was extremely limited screen time.

Plus he just didn't care about socializing... especially with girls.  Not at this age.

So I'm in unchartered territory.  I have absolutely NO idea what to do with this man-child.  I want to slam on the breaks on his maturity as much as possible... not because I want him to be my little baby (I promise that's not it) but because I just don't want him to have to deal with mature things just yet.  Not quite yet.  A few more years he will be thrown into the nightmare of teen drama so I want him to just slow down and enjoy being a kid for a little bit longer.

Try convincing him of that.

Oh, and if the eye rolling doesn't stop soon, I may be putting him on Craig's List.  First offer can have him.

Have a great Thursday, friends!


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