Thursday, October 04, 2012

One, Two... KNOCKOUT!

The 2012 Presidential Debate may have turned out to be a little lackluster in it's performance but you wouldn't have known that in my house last night.

I timed dinner perfectly, jumped on twitter and set the DVR for hubs.  Finally all the trash talking, mud slinging ads would be explained with policy, procedure and facts for each platform.

Uh... not so much.

First off.... I realize that Jim Lehrer has earned the right to moderate the debate, but seriously?  He couldn't keep either candidate in line with timing, transition to the next question or even on point with answering the original question.  Both candidates walked all over him.  It was ridiculously embarrassing.  At the point the President said "move on to the next question, Jim" I was laughing at the television.

From the beginning, Obama was on defense.  I have to admit I was shocked.  This is not the eloquent, confident man I saw standing on that podium last election.  He stuttered, stammered and kept looking down at his notes.  I almost felt sorry for him at times.  He didn't defend a single moment of his presidency, even noting once that (paraphrasing, of course)... the past is the past.  This is what I will do in the NEXT term.  Um, no Mr. President... I prefer accountability NOW, thank you very much.

Romney presented exactly as I thought he would.  Pompous.  Arrogant.  To much product in his hair.  But just as many men before him (dems and reps), he was on the offense.  He was brazenly confident, unapologetic in his direct hits to the current administration.  He corrected the President over a dozen times on his platform.  Quite frankly, he made him look ill prepared and off balance.

Our current technology is absolutely mind blowing to me.  Twitter had 10.3 MILLION tweets during the 90 minute debate.  Obviously, people are watching.... and talking about it.  My entire learning strategy during election season has shifted - online, mostly.  

Obviously last night's debate hit me on my fiscal conservative side.  Thank god little guy had to shower and get ready for bed - I was flinging expletives at the tv like a wavy sprinkler.  Taxes, healthcare and government's position in my life... Romney nailed it.  Obama kept spouting "5 trillion in cuts" even though all fact finder sites (and Romney himself) indicated that is NOT his plan.  Again... embarrassing.

I'm sure the next debate will be overly heated, given we haven't even scratched the surface of their total platforms.  Romney will have to defend his social positions, most of which I'm sure will be staunchly conservative.  I'm sure we will all be inundated with how he hates homosexuality, women (and their rights) and how his God is the only God.  I think that may require a few glasses bottles of wine in the Davis household.

In true fashion, I remained on the liberal media station after the debates to hear both perspectives (unlike hubs who ran upstairs to get Fox on).  I try to be objective, hear it all and make my choices based on my beliefs.  I try not to get swayed by political pundits.

But sometimes I just have to laugh.  Dennis Miller's dry sense of humor got the best of me last night and I could not stop reading his twitter feed.  Fave comment? "Romney keeps this up and Obama's gonna vote for him".

Let the discussions continue!  If you missed it and want to read it, click here for the full transcript of the debate ----->  2012 First Presidential Debate

Have a great Thursday, friends!


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