Monday, October 08, 2012

Falling into Fall

I love Fall.  Do I say that enough?  Being a Missourian my entire life, I used to feel jipped that my parents never moved us around the country.  I had such a desire to know if there was more than just our boring little cul-de-sac as a kid.  So I grew up and just moved into a bigger house with a bigger 'sac. Same city, same state, slightly different zip code.  I'm quite the adventurer.

Most families settle down, get a routine and live their lives in one (or few) homes.  It provides great stability and consistency for kids (and adults).  Although we did bounce a bit in the first three or four years, we've been in one (now two) houses since '97.

I don't think I minded that much because my occupation has lent me some great travel abilities.  I've been all over the map in small towns, big cities, ocean to ocean.... in all seasons.  I've run on the beach in the winter, enjoyed cool crisp mountain air in the summer and peeled myself out of a car in Phoenix in August (ugh).

But I always come home to Missouri.

Knowing now what I know about my kids, I wish they were born in reverse order.  My oldest has a fantastic ability to go with the flow.  He is laid back and accepts change really fairly easily.  He would have loved moving around and seeing different parts of the country.

My little guy?  Uh - not so much.  He strives for consistency, doesn't yearn for change (that's putting it mildly... we've eaten waffles every morning since kindergarten pretty much) and is quite happy in the status quo.  Moving him would take an act of congress.  Or a promise of a giant football scholarship somewhere.

I've had friends ask me through the years what makes it special in the midwest.  Some of them have never seen it here, so they only assume we all live on farms, fields and the like.  Expansive land, no culture.  Not exactly.

But it's the people that truly make the difference.  We are quite an awesome bunch.  I really don't know that many people that I am even just acquaintances with that I couldn't call if I needed a cup of sugar or a jump start of my car.  

Oh, and the season changes.  Most of us will bitch and complain about mold, pollen and air quality inflicting damage upon our sinus at each change of weather, but by and large it is celebrated.  Change is accepted because it occurs whether we like it or not.

This weekend was no different.  We slipped into the 30's at one point between Friday and Saturday morning.  Leaves are changing and falling (which reminds me it's time to drive through the old 'hood - I miss the mature trees there so badly (but NOT the raking!).    

Fall has descended upon me.  I'm yearning for long country road drives with the top off the convertible, taking in the crisp cool air (with four layers on, of course).  I'm snuggling on my front porch stretched out in my Adirondack chair with my coffee and blanket in the mornings.  I made chili for the third consecutive weekend.  By winter I will once again be nesting.  Oh, and it's only a few short days until my girls weekend in Hermann Wine Country!  This will be our third year and I think we are finally figuring out the do's and don'ts of the weekend.  Here are a couple of shots of the past two trips:

Downtown Shopping (and Laughing)

Oak Glen Winery

Oh - and I haven't packed away my shorts just yet.  New month I'll be off to see the kids and according to Sassy it's still 90 there (and the locals HATE it... "Ugh, it's so damn HOT here all the time!"  Welcome to California, kids!

Have a great fall Monday, friends.  I hope you are loving the changes in your lives right now! 


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