Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I Like You, I Really Do!

I love when I write a blog and have friends approach me and ask "Was your blog about ME?".

It happens WAY more than you might think.  And it always makes me proud a little inside.  It means people are connecting - good or bad - to the words I am writing.  So in honor of all those inquiring minds, I put together a little testimony of how YOU make me feel!


  1. You make me laugh out loud.... often.
  2. Your sarcasm is often lost on me as I'm quite naive and far to literal.
  3. You make me giddy when I know I get to see you.
  4. You make me mad at you sometimes, but I don't stay that way very long.
  5. You make me want to be a stronger woman.
  6. You inspire me to create more.
  7. You demand I rise up to the challenges placed upon me.
  8. You are a fantastic father.
  9. You make me smile just by smiling at me first.
  10. You remind me how much I love chocolate.
  11. You make me strive to be a better person.
  12. You provide me tons of guidance when it comes to wine.
  13. You make me want to go dancing.
  14. You bring out the rebellious side of my personality.
  15. You encourage me to run.
  16. You remind me I should try a little harder to be "fashionable".
  17. You give me a reason to look forward to things I don't want to do.
  18. You make bad news bearable.
  19. Your laughter is contagious to me.
  20. You take an opposite position to me most of the time, and I enjoy the debate.
  21. Your crazy dreams make me jealous that I don't dream (at night).
  22. Your memory of your life experiences makes me envy my inability to remember.
  23. You have a great knack of making everyone around you lose their inhibitions.
  24. You remind me that God loves me even when I feel he might not.
  25. You are a fantastic mother.
  26. You can make a grown man cry.... or a good friend, sometimes.
  27. You sometimes forget your own strength but can be easily reminded.
  28. Your technical skills are off the hook.
  29. You tell me when you are sorry - and you mean it.
  30. Your shoulders are broad enough for me to lean on whenever I need.
  31. You remind me it's really not okay EVER to leave the house in jammy pants.
  32. Your ability to remember statistics from before you were born is AMAZING.
  33. You give me the best hugs that linger for hours after you're gone.
  34. You help me be accountable when I need to most.
  35. You are a great friend.

I'm sure each of you committed readers will find something that will fit US.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


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