Monday, October 22, 2012

Is that a Sleeping Bag?

If you put 6 women in a minivan careening toward a college town, it's bound to be an adventure!

This weekend marked the third year of gathering friends and heading to Hermann, Missouri for the annual Oktoberfest celebration.  Although the attendees usually change up a bit, the end result is still a ton of laughing, drinking, friendship and fun.

This year promised the same and it did not fail.  In fact, I think we have have upped the ante a bit for future trips!

We started our trip in perfect fashion to celebrate the fall... caramel apple martini's.  Oh, and caramel and candy apply jello shots.  Because if you're going to a college town, you might as well ACT like it!

- me... and our fearless driver :)

After stuffing ourselves silly with Gumby's pizza, we head over to Trops for some frozen yummos.  Where else can you get a 7-11 slurpy chock full of liquor?  Orders included Cherry Bomb, Sex on the Beach, 1/2 Pina Colada, 1/2 something or other.... who knows, I quit paying attention.

Oh, and the couch is STILL in tact.  I think the first comments of being sticky started about now....

After a few rounds of Dirty Words, we finally fell into bed.  If only the toilet would have cooperated - Mel and I had a symphony of sounds all night long.  Ah... I love the Laughing Boar!

After sopping up our drunken bodies in biscuits and gravy at Lyndee's - we showered and head to Hermanoff Winery.  Downtown didn't seem as busy this year but the weather was the most perfect weather we have had to date.  Beautiful, sunny, perfect 70 degrees.  Fantastic.

Hermanoff didn't really hit the spot so we jumped the trolley for the first of many times that day and headed towards Oak Glenn.

Oak Glenn was FUN people watching!  From the puking girl (at 12:30 pm) to the had to be kU grad (okay, I'll try to be nice), the day just kept getting funnier!

No worries, he was actually an Iowa Grad.  Steph asked.

After the grown woman dancing on top of the Sheriff's car, it was time to hit the road and head to Stone Hill.  No worries, it wasn't one of us....

Stone Hill promised it's usual fun.  Drunk grown man passed out on the grass, gossip and laughs.  Oh, and of course, the picture spot that I love so much.

I think to many pics were shot at once. Or Steph and Mel were checking out a hot guy or something.....

Back to the trolley.... I love that I've rekindled a JUNIOR HIGH friendship!!

After a LONG day of walking, drinking and laughing, only one thing can happen.  Yep.... naptime!

Thank god we recover fast... the girls and I hit the town.  Yeah, the HUGE town.  On a recommendation from our guest house owners, we went to the very hoppin Mexican restaurant in town.  Maybe not the best atmosphere on the planet (who knew you could still smoke in the lobby of a restaurant?) but the margs were flowing nicely!

We had the BEST server in the world... Woody.  Or Woodster.  Or Woodman.  Or Woodson.  I can't remember since Michelle gave him a hundred names.  But I'm pretty sure at least half of our margs ended up free, especially since he couldn't find our ticket by the end of the night.  And yes, we closed the restaurant.  Not hard to do when it happens at 10:00.

Off for dancing.  Oh my.  The two clubs that reside in Hermann (if we shall be so bold to call them clubs) are one of two things:  tourists like us... and townies.  Mix the two and it becomes quite an interesting bunch.

But the music was pumpin, the drinks were flowin and us girls were bouncing on the dance floor.  Letting go has never felt so good!  Few tips though:

1.  Carrying your 25 lb purse on the dance floor is not comfortable, especially with your sleeping bag in it.
2.  Telling Coolio where we are staying is not advisable.
3.  Don't let Austin Powers chest hairs get into your cocktails.
4.  If you have a girlfriend she should wash your off-white dirty underwear (most obvious if others can SEE it).
5.  If there is a black X on someone's hand, they aren't 21.  (Yikes!)
6.  Wal-mart feet in a bar in Hermann, Missouri are inevitable.  Run away.
7.  When townie's boobies come out, it's time to go home.
8.  Wearing a sweater to a dance bar is not advisable - women over 40 sweat A LOT.
9.  Deciding to become a smoker for the first time at 40 is also not advisable... even if they are menthols.
10.    In Hermann, you can still be 25 and a recent college graduate.  Or military wives.  Or anything really, because you will never see those people again.

After hitting Shakespears for some grease therapy on Sunday, we head home to our hubs, our babies and our fur kids (and laundry, and cleaning, and running errands).  And back to civilization.... with wi-fi.

I wouldn't trade these memories for anything and I'm so grateful to have fantastic friends!

Have a great Monday, friends!


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