Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Young Women, Strong Voices

I'm a sucker for finding new music so it's no surprise that this fall has brought about two artists that are taking over my playlists.  I'm totally obsessed with them at this point.


Oh my - this girl is SASSY, which I absolutely love!  She has a playful streak that is endearing and a dry sense of humor that will sneak up on you. Her songs have the ability to move an audience with their depth and intensity, yet she’s equally capable of delivering a light-hearted romp that will make audiences want to get up and dance.

My fave song is all over the radio right now.... "I Aint Your Mama".  Sassy pants!  Check out these lyrics!

I'm puttin' on pearls, I'm puttin' on pumps, got a little lace apron on me
Gonna make you stop, gonna make you wanna watch me do the laundry
Gonna put some fun back in this ho-hum honey
Gonna be so hot you'll think it oughta cost you money

I won't make your rules, I won't wipe your nose, I ain't gonna check up on ya
Stay out all night long as that sunlight don't end up tellin' on ya
I won't be your boss, I won't be the bad cop baby
But I'll be the one you just wanna love like crazy

You ain't gonna wanna leave home, 'cause I've got it goin' on
I will be most anything you want

I'll be your laughter, I'll be your drama, I'll be your best friend, I'll be your lover
You can be my baby any time you wanna
But I ain't your mama
No, I ain't your mama

Click here to hear it... you won't regret it! ---->  I Aint Your Mama

And seriously - how cute is she??


Another young beauty, Katie comes off confident, secure, bold, assertive, vulnerable and in your face.   Katie released her first album when she was just 15 years old and she has amassed a collection of songs on her third album that touches upon just about every emotion imaginable - love, infatuation, anger, sadness, hurt, happiness - and she is unabashedly unapologetic in showcasing her feelings, whatever form they may encompass.

And I love her, of course.  Who wouldn't?

My fave - "Better in a Black Dress".  Duh, she's no dummy.  Sample lyrics:

I don't need a white veil, I got a black dress,
Don't need a preacher, no no not yet,
Don't have the blues when I've got my red wine.
Out on the town, or in the city,
Ain't nothin like the way it fits me,
So take that gown and lay it down to rest,
Cause I'm better in a black dress.

Click here to watch the video... wowzers!  ------->  Better in a Black Dress

She is seriously beautiful!

So add these fantastic young women to my likes of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.  I am devoted to strong women with a message!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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