Friday, October 12, 2012


Well, here we are again, friends.  Another Friday!  Bring out the Faves!

This week has been so brutal.  I honestly wasn't sure I would actually make it, to be honest.  I'm so glad the weekend lay in front of me so I can take in some downtime.  I seriously need to refresh.

Here you go... stuff I fell in love with instantly.  As if that surprises you!


Okay, I think this may become a permanent fixture in Friday Fave segments.  As I was sitting in a day long insurance seminar (yes, I realize how jealous you are right now), a co-worker shared an awesome app with me.  In true JD fashion, I downloaded it and fell in love immediately.

Meet Flipboard.  Essentially a readers dream, you can connect all of your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin) to one place along with literally EVERY SINGLE publication in the country covering every single topic available.  Interested in hunting?  You can set up your personal flipboard to include issues of Hunter's Weekly (or whatever it may be called) and alongside it have any political mag, US Weekly and the Wall Street Journal.  Whatever interests you, really.  All in one easily organized place.  LOVE it!


Yum... I'm crazy about Blue Moon.  Thanks to my friend KK, I'm sure consumed in some airport on the way home from some business trip, I fell in love with the bitter yum with a sweet orange wedge.

So this is right up my alley.  I think it's a must on the weekend shopping list.  I love all things pumpkin.  Bring it on!


Yes, please.  Love long sleeve tees.  Love boots.  Love jeans.  Love browns and greys.  Love, love, love.  Could manage without the scarf.  Can't stand them, really.  Unless I'm frozen outside.


Oh my god - this killed me when I first saw it.  I'm absolutely positive my neighbs would not allow this (nor our HOA) but I still think it is completely hilarious!  Who needs scarecrows?!


I got a new phone this week with Suri, my new talking assistant (yes, I realize many of you already have relationships with her).  She can't understand me.  When I speak to text, weird crap ends up getting sent.  So much for being safer.


See above ale - I love all things pumpkin. Must be one of the zillion reasons I love fall.

I stumbled upon these fantastically wonderful little bites and fell in love, of course.  Little pumpkin whoopie pies.  IN LOVE.  Click here for the recipe ----->  Pumpkin Bites with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting


A gfriend at work set out to be crafty (as she always is!) and made up a bunch of these cute wreaths!  Her version is a bit different but the outcome is still just as cute as can be.

Yep - I nabbed one. It's on the front door.  I love it!


Oooh, I need to commission above said friend to make these for me.  MUST HAVE NOW!!!


I am a huge hoarder of socks.  I cannot stand for my feet to be bare in the cooler months almost as much as I can't stand to have shoes and socks on in the summer! 

So no doubt I fell in love with these warm fuzzies!


Yep, it's time again.  The coveted Vice Presidential debate was on last night.  I could HARDLY WAIT.  I wonder if Paul Ryan wanted to call Joe O'Biden?  Hey - I even caught myself doing it one night during a rant... It happens.

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!


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