Friday, June 07, 2013


This week has been LOOOONG, and not the kind that I feel that I accomplished all my to do's either.  We have been battling the last two weeks with our beloved 14 year old Jackson and his poor health.  It has been not fun to say the least.  He's tired.  We're tired.  And we are at the crossroads that no fur parent wants to be ever.  Huge thanks to his vet who loves him so much and wants to make it better.  We are trying everything we can to see if we can make improvements and taking one day at a time.  Needless to say lots of tears are falling in the Davis home right now.

And once again, I'm behind blogging (which always makes me a little sad).  I'm only human, so I keep telling myself each day when my list continues onto the next.  Sometimes doing your best is all you've got to keep peace with yourself as you lay your head on the pillow.

Our neighborhood garage sale is this weekend and for some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to participate, adding to my delirium.  Some day I'll learn!

Below are my faves for the week from around the interweb.  Enjoy, friends!


I still love all things Navy (of course) and probably always will.  These totally ROCK but I can't imagine I could find a salon that could do it and do it perfectly.  Oh, a girl can dream!


Although I'm still a bit freaked out and paranoid about Italy and the laws surrounding the country, I still want to go.  No worries, I have no plans on becoming Amanda Knox.  And Barcelona just SCREAMS my name.


Mmmm, I just LOVE me some perfect jean shorts.  In fact I am running in a race this weekend aptly named Boots and Daisy Dukes.  Perfect for me!


I am in love with zucchini, so why not make chips?  I have one in my fridge as I type so I'm thinking this is on my menu tonight!  YUMMO!  Click here for the recipe ---> Salt and Black Pepper Zucchini Chips


This is AWESOME.  I think all little kiddos need this motivator!


It's no secret that I love some yummo shots, especially fruit laden ones.  This one is a shout out to our friend Dave who made the best strawberries for the Cinco de Mayo party this year.  Try this one on for size, Shack!  Click here for the directions ---->  Upside Down Pineapple Shots


Penguins mate for life which makes them not only unique but totally awesome. We could learn a few things from them!!  My niece used penguins as her wedding cake topper last weekend which made my heart soar.  So in honor of Jecca Bear, this one is for you!


Davis and I have a small back patio (something we are trying to figure out how to remedy).  This is a cute set up if it is the only thing we wanted to do on our patio (sans the GIANT 1970's light fixtures... I could do without them).  Actually, the only love I have I suppose is the pit.  And the wall.  Maybe I don't love this as much as I originally did... :)


As we prepare for little Lentil to arrive and join our clan, I can't help but look up stuff for Baby #2 on the internet.  How cute is this announcement?  I'm thinking Big E would make this picture all that much cuter!


In honor of my Book Beotches, attached is the scene we discussed last night in our club meeting.  For those readers that prefer PG, please don't click it!  I don't need the backlash!  Click the link below, girls... see, Zac isn't 16 anymore!!

The Lucky One... Shower Scene

Have a great Friday, friends!


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