Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Of COURSE she's my sister!

Back to the Midwest.  Grey skies.  Cold weather.  And one happy, sleepy Nana.

I've returned safely from the West Coast only to find that everything I had left undone is still waiting for me.


Sometimes I wish I could wave a magic wand and have my life organized, tasks completed and nothing but time to plan my true desires.  Wake me up when that happens, please.

I had the best weekend.  I can't stop smiling (in between tears of missing the kids).  Nugget is getting so big and he is changing monumentally at this age.  He has such an amazing personality and of course he is brilliant.  I can already see both of the kids in his gestures, his words and his stubbornness. 

It must be said that there is nothing... and I mean NOTHING.... better than having your grandchild climb into your lap.  Hold your face.  Say "too" when you tell them you love them.  Wrap their little arms around your neck and squeeze.  Snuggle in to watch Lala. 

Nope.  Nothing.

I love that I am just as completely comfortable with Sassy as I am with Bubba.  Sometimes I blur the lines between which of them is mine.  Because they both are. 

We had the chance to steal some girl time this weekend.  We drove all over in search of fish tacos (shouldn't be hard in Cali, right?) to land at a Mexican restaurant (where we had fish tacos).  After four u-turns, we found a pedicure place.  As we sank into the big leather chairs, she smiled at me. 

She so deserved this.  She works so hard as a mother, a wife, a student, a friend and a daughter.  She is always looking out for others, especially my son.  The least we could do is get a pedicure.

Before the gals started to scrape off our junk, I mentioned to my lady that I was a runner.  All spa places understand that is code for "leave the callouses or I'll cut you".  Okay, I don't mean that really.
Well.... maybe a little bit.

So my lady complied and was gentle with me.  Sassy's?  She didn't get the memo.  I think she thought she was in a deer skinning contest.  This on the sweet girl's feet that never see concrete, are rarely barefoot even inside and in perfectly soft and smooth condition.

With perfectly manicured (and skinless) feet, we sat awaiting our polish of choice.  Sassy's lady looks over at me.

"Are you two sisters?"

God LOVE this woman.  I wanted to kiss her, even though she just skinned my sweet girl.  Then I wanted to say yes.  But I didn't.

"Nope.  Hardly!  I am her mother in law."

My lady pipes up:  "I thought you were best friends.  The way you talk to each other."

Yep, now that I get.  We don't look a thing alike.  I would have had to birth her at 15 for her to be my kid.  But we do tend to laugh and carry on like good friends would.

Because we are.

I tell hubs all the time that we are the luckiest people in the world to have our daughter in law.  She is fantastic.  I try to tell her that often but sometimes in my haste I forget.  She is by far the best thing that could have ever happened to my son.

Along with Nugget, of course.

The best part of new toes?  Nugget chasing us around the house, pointing at our toes.  PINK! (me)  PURPLE! (Kate)  FLESH (those would be Daddy's).

Have a fantastic Tuesday, friends!


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