Friday, February 01, 2013


And... it's February!  The love month.  I love this month as much as I love my blog.  Yes, I'm a big fat dork.  I'm a true romantic at heart.  Everyone that knows me well knows that within two cocktails, I will tell you I love you (and most likely hug you while telling you I love you).  I tell hubs and little guy that I love them a hundred times a day.  I tell the BFF that I love her.  I never get off the phone with Bubba without telling him I love him (and he usually tells me first, truth be told).  Even Sassy has adapted to my mushiness.  And E?  Well, I couldn't hug him tight enough if I tried.

SO - in honor of our love month, below are my picks for this week's faves list!  Enjoy, friends!


I love, love, love pomegranates.  So why not love this fantastic dessert?  YES, please!  Click here to work up this awesome concoction!  Chocolate Pom Goodness


Amidst the FOUR degree weather in Kansas City right now, I cannot help but long for warm summer nights.  I don't mind the season changes (hence the reason I have lived in the Midwest my entire life) but I sure don't like the below zero wind chills.  I try to enjoy my moments I am in and not try to rush them but I am totally ready to throw on this ensemble.  And hit the beach, of course.


Love this.  Love, love, love.  And I've always believed in it.


Oooh, I love this.  E can totally do this.  I think we're gonna have to try to squeeze this in on my visit next week!  To cute!


Our industry has been challenging to say the least the last few months following the election.  And yes, we do hear this quite a bit (along with "How do I get my common law spouse covered?  Can I cover my domestic partner?"  It's never ending fun in insurance, let me tell ya!


I have collected endless amounts of chicken recipes since it is our primary staple at the Davis house.  This one caught my eye as a MUST try.  I'm hungry just thinking of it!  Click here for the recipe!  Brushetta Chicken


See, I can be mushy. :)

I love small spaces, especially little hidden ones.  My grandmother's house was fantastic when I was a child.  It was an OLD 2 story house with so many interesting little nooks and crannies.  The house had originally been built with two apartments on the top floor but was never rented out while my grandparent's owned it, so as a child my cousins and I would play upstairs as if we lived in an apartment.  Very cool!
So no doubt I loved this the second I saw it.  Perfect use of usable space and EASY... and cute!
Yes, please!   Thailand.  Looks amazing.  And I love Thai food.  Just saying.

I am absolutely, unequivocally addicted to Scandal.  What an AMAZING show!  The chemistry between Olivia and Fitz just curls my toes every single Thursday night.  It is by far my fave day of the week now!  If you haven't seen it by now, you live under a rock.  Get on your couch and WATCH IT!
Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


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