Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Four Score....

With less than 30 days until the golden night, I'm ramping up for the 2013 Oscars.  A self professed tomboy loving such a glam event?  Yeah, even a tomboy likes to be a girl sometimes.

I watched the Oscars with my momma every year growing up.  There was something about those women - the dresses, the jewels, the beautiful hair - that made me envious.  They were so famous, always with an entourage.  A lifetime away from my modest upbringing in the Midwest.

An obvious prereq for watching the Oscars is to actually watch the movies.  I LOVE going to the movies.  It's not unusual to find me sitting in the middle of the theater alone watching a flick.  Obviously that is the only way I can get most of the noms in... little guy can't see rated R and hubs does NOT share in my love of cinematic production.

This weekend, however, I found a movie rated PG-13 and drug little guy with me.  Truth be told, I gave him a choice:  we could watch Les Mis (hey, he LOVES Pitch Perfect, so why not??) or we could watch Lincoln.  He sighed, loudly.  

"Mom, are you sure I can't go into watch Parker on my own and just meet you after Lincoln?"
"No way, dude.  You're 11.  And my movie is way longer than yours."
"I could just play video games until you are finished?"
"And get abducted by a scary man with a conversion van."

Convo ended.  I won.

I knew little guy had read about Lincoln in school but wasn't sure how much he knew or remembered.  

"Age appropriate material, mom."
"Yes, my little rule follower."

I settled in close to him as the movie started out with a battle scene from the Civil War.  Ugh.  It doesn't matter how many movies I see with this scene, I still cringe up and immediately think of the opening scene to Saving Private Ryan (of which I literally sobbed the entire first 30 minutes).

Shortly thereafter, Lincoln appeared.  He was exactly as I had pictured him to be.  Daniel Day Lewis should win the O simply for LOOKING the part.  But when his mouth opened, he was absolutely amazing.  I sat in awe.  Lincoln is often depicted of having this giant, booming voice.  Historians, however, have indicated it was quite the opposite.  He was extremely articulate and soft spoken, speaking with great intent.

Boy, was he ever.

My eyes were glued to the screen.  So much so they were dry in the about 30 minutes from my lack of blinking.  The majority of the movie is spent in the House chambers, debating the proposed 13th amendment to the US Constitution.  As I finally blinked and shifted in my seat, little guy had promptly curled up next to me and fallen asleep. 

He did play three basketball games this weekend.  And went swimming for 2 1/2 hours.  I'm gonna blame that, not the movie.

Sally Fields plays the first lady and she is incredible, as always.  I love her.  She is so extremely versatile and plays crazy better than anyone I know.  Well, maybe not as good as Juliet Lewis.  Or Glenn Close.  

My gauge for a movie love of mine is how transported I feel into the storyline.  There were a couple of moments in the middle of the movie that I felt a little distant, not really engaged.  But it didn't last long.  The last 30 minutes of the movie provided a perfect wrap up on the amendment, the actions that shortly followed thereafter and the nation's reaction.

And I cried.  Hard.

It's definitely not for everyone.  I love politics, I love our nation's history and knowing what we have accomplished.  But I have to admit a probably controversial opinion.  Watching this movie, watching this President and his undying love for our country, putting the rights of the citizens first, made me yearn and ache for a better President now.  I have been openly upset about our current administration and this movie brought those feelings back to the forefront.  I want real change, real difference, truth and honesty.

Yes, I'm high... I realize I'm talking about politics here.  But there was a time, maybe long ago but still, where people put the citizens of the United States and our rights before their own interests.  Before their own agendas.  

I sure hope we achieve that again someday in my lifetime.  What a legacy we could leave to our children and grandchildren.

I'm giving the movie 4 stars but Daniel Day Lewis is a big fat 5 GOLDS.  He's totally gonna win the Oscars.

Until I see the next movie....

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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