Sunday, January 20, 2013

On your Mark....

AND... we're off!  Hubs and I made a vow (okay, call it a resolution if you MUST) to run a minimum of one 5k race a month.  Running in the 'hood is always good but something happens to your dedication when you sign up (and pay) for a race.

A. You have to go, because paying $25-$35 for a sometimes crappy t-shirt just isn't acceptable.  
B. You have to run more frequently, because if you don't your race will suck (as will your lungs.  And legs.)
C. Feeling the energy that only being around other crazy runners can give off will catapult you to want to keep running.

Yesterday Hubs and I ran our January 5k and we were given the best gift ever.... a 41 degree morning!  In January!  In Missouri (well, Kansas)!  Our luck was beaming as I ran the inaugural race by this sponsor last year and it was 4 degrees.  Yes, FOUR.  With a negative 10 windchill.  And 20 mph wind.  I honestly thought I was going to die that day.

But not this January.  My luck is turning around.  It was beautiful:  the sun was shining brightly, the wind was minimal, the course was clean of snow and ice and it was 41.  This girl was HAPPY!

I love the concept of this race:  it's called the Battle of the Bean.  Coffee versus Cocoa.  I ran for coffee, of course.  Hubs ran for cocoa (not that he drinks it but he doesn't drink coffee so he chose by default I suppose).  Our swag bag was awesome with super soft tees this year that I would actually wear (in public even!), great coffee mugs and of course, Christopher Elbow chocolates post race.  

Heaven.  This girl was in heaven.

Egg Nog - um YES please!!

We didn't finish to bad considering neither of us have run much this winter.  I came home and promptly signed us up for February and March... both 4 mile races.  Bring it on!

I hope you had a great weekend, friends!  


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