Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Kept THAT?!

Interesting weekend, to say the least.  We didn't have any basketball tourneys so at times we felt a little lazy.  Okay, I felt lazy... maybe not hubs and man-child.  I have become so accustomed to getting up and run, run, running (no, not exercising unfortunately) that when I don't get up with that urgency to go, it feels quite unusual.
So I started to pack.  If I learned anything from my Realtor when we sold our first house it was that people want to see your space, not your shit.  Yep, that's what she told me.  We're tight like that.
Let the clearing commence. 
Other than a few short stints in apartments in my early 20's, I have only lived in two homes.  My childhood home (which hubs and I purchased shortly after marriage and lived in for 12 years) and my current home.  We went from 1,700 sq feet (or so) with ONE bathroom to 2,700 sq feet (plus GIANT basement and garage space) with FOUR bathrooms.   Yes, I have more bathrooms that occupants in my house.  Stupid, if you ask me.  And with just a little over 1,000 sq feet additional space, we have managed to completely cram it full of crap.  It doesn't take long, folks.
I started slow this weekend.  My closet.  Seems easy enough - I'm the only one in it.  When we built our house we reconfigured the master bedroom due to adding on a tandem garage (making it four car... again, stupid since two people drive in my house).  With the reconfiguration came a change in closet space, creating two master closets.  And one more reason for me to fuel my hoarding tendencies.
I've managed to save virtually everything I've done in the past four years and cram it into my closet.
It's ridiculous, to say the least.  Over 50 race t-shirts stack in the corner on the floor.  Race bibs are everywhere.  I have over 30 baseball caps, of which I think I wear about 5.  And don't even get me started about the shoes.  Every pair of running shoes I've ever purchased line the shelves as weird keepsake items.
And that's just one 7 x 7 space within the 2,700 sq feet.  Lord help me.
After removing a 55 gallon bag of "trash", two kitchen bags of donations and packing away all my summer clothes, I have made a VERY small dent in the damage I've caused in four years.  Ugh.
I'm bound and determined to stop the madness.  If I had a smaller space (which I will, soon!), I would have reconsidered what was important to me.  I wouldn't hoard so much crap that isn't crucial to my being.  I would have categorized what is essential to my soul rather than threw it in a room and shut the door.
Yep, I would have been MUCH smarter about it.
Wish me luck as I move into the next room, folks.  I'm seriously gonna need it. 
On a better note, I'm ready to start offloading stuff which is typically beneficial to my friends and family.  Please be patient with me if I start asking some of random questions like "hey, do you have 3 blenders?  No?  Well, would you like a couple extra?"
Oh - and the best ever... if you died tomorrow, would you want your  (parents, friends, siblings, etc)  rifling through your stuff?  Would you be embarrassed by the amount of crap someone would have to decipher?  Would they know the value it held (maybe not monetarily but sentimentally) to you?  If not, define it for them... and you.  Or get rid of it!
Have a great Tuesday, friends!


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