Friday, January 18, 2013


The month of January always leaves me feeling a little blue, a little down.  I think it's the let down effect after the holidays are completed, the house is packed up of all the decor and the family and friend visits have slowed.  And honestly - I'm highly affected by my environment.  When the weather drops below 20, the sun refuses to shine and hibernation begins, I feel icky.  Isolated.

The upside to all this dreariness?  My blog becomes alive!  I post more frequently and with much enthusiasm.  I find more time to express my thoughts, scribble notes and organize.  I love that part.  I actually have time to run my life rather than racing through it with blinders on.

Enough gab... you came for the faves, right?!  Well, here you go!  Loves I found on the interweb this week.  Enjoy!


Oh, Jackson.  My Mr. Crankypants.  He's turned into an old man almost overnight.  Walter is his new nickname.  And he has a new habit of going to bed at 7 pm and waking up at 4:00 am to go outside.  God help me.  I love him dearly, honestly I do.  But he's wearing me out!


I love these bottles so much!  What a great concept.  As a red wine drinker (particularly in winter), what a great way to aerate and pour at the same time!


Okay, I love Mexican food.  I mean REALLY love it as in could eat it every day love it.  And the little nugget of deliciousness that sits on the plate?  Well, I had no idea until I saw this exactly what it was but heartily ate it up every time it came into view.  So here you go.... Mexican Corn Cake!  And guess what?  Click here and you can actually make it, too!  Mexican Corn Cake


BFF and I chat about this often.  We are totally different morning people.  She likes to get up, drink her coffee and quietly go about her morning.  Me?  When my feet hit the floor, I am going 100 miles an hour.  My mind is racing and my mouth works overtime to try to catch up.  My most efficient moments are the four hours after I wake up.  By late afternoon, the engine has come to a complete stop.  So it's not unlike me to often ask this question:  


It's still my dream to travel the country in search of beautiful tiny guest houses.  Someday I'll get to that.  For now, I'll just look at pics and drool.  This one is definitely on the list.


It's cold.  It's hat weather.  And furry boot weather.  Yep, this is it.


As I cleaned out my home office recently, I realized I have a thousand return address labels from various organizations.  Ugh.  Hate them all.  First off - none of them have BOTH of our names on them.  Secondly, half of them are just plain stupid and not us at all.  So I love this... how easy.  No, I don't want to send my Time Warner Cable bill embossed with my name.  But for my cards and letters? Absolutely!


Oh my.  Yep, this is me totally and completely.  Maybe I should blow this up into a 16x20 and put it on my wall in my house, my office, a postcard in my car, in my purse.... everywhere!!


I am so pumped about the 2013 Oscars!  I have a girls jammy party every year to watch the big event. This year I am in love with the best movie nominees!  I've got to hunker down in the next four weeks and watch every one of them so I'm ready to vote!  Bubba's fave?  Yep, this icky one... looks far to violent for me to love but we shall see.

Django Unchained... YIKES!


If I ate this every morning before work I would probably be fueled for the entire day!  Click here for the yummo recipe!  Avocado Bacon Breakfast Wrap

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!!


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