Friday, January 04, 2013


A new year, 52 weeks (or so) of Friday Faves!  I actually contemplated (for about 2 minutes) removing Friday Faves from my blog but then thought better of it.  What better a platform to bore you with my favorite things wish list?


Ooh, this one is going front and center.  I have lots of fears and they often hold me back from pushing forward.  This will be a reminder that I need not fear - just GO for it!


I love to read.  Love, love, love.  This wall just SCREAMS to me.  But of course, not even possible.  A.  I rarely buy paper books anymore.  B.  I couldn't make them look nearly this cool, I'm sure.  C.  In my real life, this is far to cluttered.  But I still absolutely love this idea.  Maybe in my next house I can build some sort of a library in an office?


My fur kids are so bad sometimes.  SO BAD.  But even at their worst, I have been a fortunate momma in that they don't chew.  Or bite people.  But Jackson (aka Cranky Davis, aka Walter) has been known to shred in his day.  Luckily though, this never happened to me.  Or Walter would not be here anymore!


She is absolutely, insanely blond (no offense, blond friends).  She forgets everything, she is bat shit crazy and she is ridiculously, um... airheadish?  Not sure that's a word but you get my drift without me saying she's stupid straight out.  But I love, love, love that she simply doesn't care.  She is curvy, she is sassy and straight up sexy if you ask me.  So why wouldn't it be great for her to post her baby bump on Twitter this Christmas season/  Why not?  Flaunt what the good Lord gave ya, Jess!


I am in love with kale.  It's a little bitter so you have to prep it just right.  But when you do, I promise you will love it, too!  If you live in the KC area, you MUST go to Unforked and try their kale salad. It's the most fantastic thing you have ever eaten in your life.  I promise.  Here is another version I must try!  Click here for the recipe ---->  Crunchy Kale Salad


It's not unusual for me to grab snacks that state "100 calories".  For some reason, I can justify eating those Lays potato chips if I'm only eating 100 cals.  You know, they don't really hurt, right?


So I love this - 100 calorie veggie style.  If you ever wondered what 100 cals looks like on tomatoes, here it is.  Man, I need to rethink my eating... seriously!


This is so fitting.  We rented Pitch Perfect over the new year's break and watched it three times. Almost in a row.  I totally loved it.  And I totally loved Fat Amy.  Why wouldn't you?  If you haven't seen it... you must!

Aubrey: What's your name? 
Fat Amy: Fat Amy. 
Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy? 
Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back.


I love, love, love bathtubs.  Probably couldn't find one I didn't like, quite honestly.  So this one jumped right out at me.  Love the stone.  Love the wood.  Love, love, love.  I want to dip in it RIGHT NOW.


Yep.  My two fave colors (on my body).  And yes, they do work together well!


Okay, this is fantastic.  The finance guy that I signed my car paperwork with had just purchased a house that morning and the day before, he went to the Apple store and picked up this little dandy.  Retailing around $250, this thermostat is FANTASTIC.  It LEARNS from you, when you enter a room, your typical temp preferences, etc.   And the best part?  You can control it from your iPhone.  Why couldn't you.  The entire world will be mobile in less than 5 years, I'm sure of it.  This is definitely on my wish list!  Check out the Nest Thermostat!

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!


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