Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blast Away!

Little guy has diversified and I couldn't be happier.

For the past 8 years, little guy has been wholly committed to knowing and understanding all things sports.  I vividly recall watching him climb on the couch at 4 years old and order me to change the television to Ike and Ike (otherwise known as Mike and Mike, an ESPN sports talk show).  By 5, he could carry on full conversations with hubs and Bubba about the tight end that played on the 1982 Giants team vers (versus, but he never said it the right way) the Chargers and how many yards he ran for that amazing touchdown.

And it's only gotten worse.  At 11, he knows the statistics of most players in the NFL and NBA.  He knows where all the NFL players went to college and their stats in college.  He knows every head coach and where they coached before where they are now.  He is constantly touting records of all kinds.

And it doesn't stop there.  He has expanded his interests into hockey, soccer, baseball (although not as much as football or basketball).  He knows the rules behind icing, offsides and infield outs as well as his 5th grade math homework. 

So this year, I am celebrating.  After years of all the stat nightmare within my house, little guy excitedly (forced, of course) signed up for choir.  I didn't really give him an option, truth be told.  He loves to sing, understands melody and musicality quite well, so I made him sign up.  It was one of the best things I ever did.

It came with a price though.  He signed up for band, too.  Brass, no doubt.  Have you ever heard a beginning trumpet player blow through the mouthpiece?  YIKES!  But behold.... he loves it.  Hence, the diversification process has begun.  And we had our first ever band concert.

With the new addition of hardware in his mouth, little guy is struggling with the horn.  Blowing isn't the problem - it's the armature of his mouth that is causing him some pain.  Solution?  Well, isn't that why they give you that wax crap to put on your braces?  Not for us.  Little guy tells his band teacher and guess what?  We get a bigger instrument with a bigger mouthpiece!  Our little trumpet has moved into a giant baritone.

Perfect GrandP's, with the Baritone :)
I guess I should be thankful it wasn't a damn tuba (which is what she originally wanted him to play since he's a man-child and could hold it easily).
I'm so happy he loves music.  I just sometimes wish it was art.  A much quieter activity :).
Truthfully though - mad props to the 5th grade band teacher.  She is clearly a Saint.  There is no other way to define her.  And EXTREMELY patient!  In all fairness though, the kids were extremely good for only playing their instruments for 6 months.  I was totally impressed... especially since I didn't even have to take the Advil in my pocket.
Happy Wednesday, friends!!

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