Monday, January 07, 2013

Simply the Best

In my wildest dreams did I ever image paying $15 for one pair of socks.  Oh sure, maybe Versace gold plated socks... then I might.  For me, of course.  But never, ever, for athletic socks that I'm going to sweat my balls off in.  Or better yet my stinky, smelly 11 year old.

But alas, it is happening.  $15 a pair.  Sometimes more, depending on the size / length.  And there is no end in sight because they are making them for football as well as basketball.

Lord help me.

And that doesn't even touch the shoes.  The SHOES.  I am betting I could buy a sweet ass '98 Toyota  Corolla with the amount of money our 9 basketball players have spent in socks and shoes.

At first, I thought it was just our basketball team.  We joined a new team this year and everyone had matching shoes and bags as well as uniforms.  To my delight, it wasn't just us.  Oh no.  It's every single team playing this season.  Everyone.  Boys and girls.  Their parents are frantically buying up their team's colors in these damn socks.

 Thank God we won't be buying these for baseball season.  I get a couple of months to save up before football season starts.  And more sock buying.

I guess this replicates my Jordache jeans fetish.  I'll never forget my mom flipping out over paying $50 a pair.  For denim.

Yep.  What goes around comes around.

Does it feel like Monday to anyone else?  Have a good night - we get to start over tomorrow!


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  1. Um, yeah! Those damn elites are going to cause me to go bank rupt! I have thought many times to send an email to Nike and tell them where they can go! It's not just altheles, kids who never touch a ball have them on, walking around school :/
    Glad I'm not the only Mom who feels this way!