Friday, January 04, 2013

Na Na Na Na Na... you say it's your BIRTHDAY!

It's Sassy's BIRTHDAY!  Woo HOO!!

Although I can't physically be with her on her special day, I'm thinking about her always.  What a fantastic blessing she has been to our family and our son!  So... in honor of her birthday, I thought I'd share a list of the things that I love the most about her.  Here goes:

1.  She loves my son unconditionally, without waiver and is extremely loyal to him every single day.
2.  She raps better than Eminem and WAY faster.
3.  She gave us the most incredible grandson on the planet.  Unequivocally the best.
4.  She is extremely protective of her family, proven to be an awesome Momma Bear.
5.  I explicitly trust her with my words, thoughts and emotions.  She would never hurt me.
6.  Although she doesn't have apple bottom jeans, she can drop it down low better than anyone I know.
7.  She spends countless, patient hours playing with E and dedicating all of her attention to him (and appreciates every second of it).
8.  I envy her laid back, relaxed style.  She doesn't worry about the small stuff.
9.  She has the perfect shade of red hair a redhead (or anyone else, for that matter) could ever want.... and has passed it down to E.
10.  She has an amazingly beautiful singing voice, one you could listen to all day long.

All in all, my son found the most perfect partner.  By extension, I was given the most perfect daughter in law.  We thank God every day that he brought the two of them together!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  I hope you have the best day EVER!

Momma D

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