Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Kickin' It!

Last weeks hubs and I had the chance to see a rockin' awesome concert!  I've recently adopted a secret crush on Kip Moore's hotness music and I can't seem to get enough.  Seriously... do you blame me?

Okay, didn't think so.  Clearly I have significant crushes on boys in hats (especially turned around backwards) and scruffy faces.  My momma would laugh hysterically if she heard me say that.  I used to be SO anti-facial hair (and still have big aversions to the Zac Brown big ole shag).  Anyhow, I have had Kip's CD in my car for the past two months and listen to it from start to finish every single day.

Kip graced KC with another guy I had never heard of.  Yeah, I've been living under a rock, apparently.  And Kip was the opener.  Huh?  What?? 


Holy crap.  Hello, Mr. Bad Boy.  Let me know if you ever need ANYTHING?!?!  Again, ball cap, scruffy face.  Yep, must be it.

But here's what I didn't know.  This guy writes fantastic music.  So great that Jason Aldean nabbed him a few years back for three of his awesome songs:  The Best of Me, My Kinda Party and of course, Dirt Road Anthem.  Wowzers!

Which makes for a great concert, ya'll.  He sang all three of the Aldean hits along with singing his own music, which it turns out is pretty freakin' cool, too.

The show was awesome.  Great friends, great atmosphere and great music.  And some eye candy to go along with it.  Never a bad thing.

Click here to experience my fave Gilbert song:  Kick it in the Sticks, Brantley Gilbert.  It sits on repeat on my running list.  Yep.  Can't get enough. 

Giant thanks to our good friends for recommending this concert!  You kicked one outta the park!

Great times!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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