Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Plunge Away!

A couple of weekends ago I had an opportunity to participate in a great fundraiser, The Polar Plunge.

For those of you not aware, this event is held in honor of Special Olympians all over the country.  So basically, I should be doing it in California and NOT in Missouri.

In January.

As the name depicts, me (along with 1,300 of my closest crazy friends) all plunge into a lake.  In Missouri.  In January.

Yep, I'm crazy.  It's official.

This is my second year participating and I have to say that I am by far the craziest out there.  Some individuals have been doing this for 10+ years and are Super Plungers.  Instead of once in the water, they plunge 24 times in 24 hours! 

Now THAT'S crazy!

Not me though... I'm not nearly that brave.  Since the temps last year were hovering at 30 with 20 degree lake water, I decided to borrow a wet suit from a friend.  Yes, that's cheating.  But YOU try this!

Only problem?  It didn't fit.

SO... I plunged without it.  Ugh!

Just a small part of the crowd before

The energy was fantastic. I teamed up with a group of people from a private catholic high school to make the plunge (teachers and students). We laughed nervously awaiting our turn and screamed together when we hit the water. They were great!

Running In!

Coming out.. with a zombie. 

The day was pretty with full sunshine, but the water was still only 37 degrees.  Some day I'll find a warmer plunge! 

Someone asked me why in the world I would want to do this.  For starters, it raises money for Special Olympics.  Near and dear to me.  But as a 40+ year old woman, you gotta raise that adrenaline somehow!  I love the rush I get when I hit that water.  Oh, and firefighters are in the water with you. That doesn't suck.

Join me next year if you aren't afraid!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


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