Friday, February 15, 2013


Blah.  I feel so gross lately.  I'm starting to run about 8-10 miles per week so already stuff is creaky and hurting a bit.  I haven't run enough to get it all stretched out, obviously.  My clothes still don't fit from my overindulgent winter.  Grrr.  My hair won't work the way I want it and my skin is still as dry as all get out.

Okay, I feel MUCH better now.  Thank god I got that off my chest.

What I am really pumped about is the Spring season, which is closer than we think.  I cannot wait to get rid of my long sleeves, soak up some Vitamin D in the sun's rays, open my windows at home and let in the breezes.  I'm so over this locked down hibernation.

Plus I tend to blog a lot more in the summer, for some reason.  Life is just a bit slower, a bit more relaxed (at home) and overall more enjoyable.

Yep, hurry up. I can hardly wait.

Here are my faves from the web this week.  Totally random, just like me.  Enjoy!


Yep, found another one for the Tiny House.  Love this style.  Love, love, love.  Someday.


I am totally addicted to avocados right now.  It's strange.  I used to HATE them with every fiber of my being less than 5 years ago.  Now?  Can't get enough.  So this one needs to be in my fridge when I get home tonight!  Click here for the recipe ----->  Avocado Salsa


I need this in my house.  Preferably right above my computer.  Gentle reminders to all those who know me.... although I highly doubt they need reminding.


BFF has some beautiful doors in her home.  This pic reminds me a bit of them.  I totally want black doors in the next house, big or small.  Just something about them that makes me happy.


Sometimes I truly have to say this out loud.  It's not unusual for me to get down from time to time, especially when around someone that tends to be fairly negative.  My momma was hard - she could be extremely cynical at times.  But when she wasn't, she was terrific. :)  I'll have to remember this!


Yes please.  Thank you.  I just want to interview him about being an actor.  That's all.  And ask him how his mom named him Jude.


It's been 8 years since hubs and I jet off to Hawaii and I so want to go back.  So beautiful there.  Incredible.  I'm thinking this would be just perfect for us.

Polihale Beach, Hawaii

This is one thing I will NOT miss when we sell our house!  Our stupid smoke alarm closest to the kitchen has some weird censor thing that is WAY awry.  It goes off if you turn on the burners!  We are constantly throwing towels to each other to fan it off.  It's really a heat thing, not a smoke thing.  Won't miss it!

FAVE HOBBY (other than running)

I love to read, and I love my book club girls.  They are fantastic.  This month's selection is proving to be pretty cool so far.  In case you are looking for a new book, here ya go.


Okay, not exactly.  But I do love cocktails, especially fancy ones.  How exciting to find a Valentines Martini!  I know, it's over... but I still like this one. :)  It could be dessert!  Click here for the recipe        ---->  Valentine Martini

Have a great Friday, friends!


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