Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've followed blogs on friends the entire year and have finally made the jump to try this out. 

On the eve of my 38th birthday, I surprise myself with how many "firsts" I still have.  This will be my first blog.  Hopefully it will be a great tool for me to log my efforts training for my first marathon.  I'm sure my life events will get thrown in here, like the birth of my upcoming first grandchild. 

Don't get me wrong, firsts still scare me to death.  I vividly remember a ton of my scary firsts - first time in a gymnastics tournament, first time to drive a car, first time to give a big work presentation.  But with all the firsts that scared me to death I have so many firsts that were exhilarating.  First time I kissed my husband (behind the oak tree at Smirls), almost 18 years ago.  First time I saw my beautiful son Jeremy.  First time I saw my sweet boy Coop.  My first 5k run with my great Eagle Creek friends this year. 

So I'm hopeful this blog will help me log many more firsts and the journey that ensues afterward.  Now on to the fabulous Sunday routine of yummy french toast with my sweet Coop! 

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