Friday, November 01, 2013


Ahh... my favorite month of the year is finally upon us!  Not only does it hold my favorite holiday, I'm reminded all month of how grateful I am.  Grateful for my family, my amazing friends, my health... the list is so long I couldn't begin to capture it all in one message.

Kicking off the month with my fave post of the week, my favorite things, I'll begin with this one.  I absolutely love my blog.  Yes, at times it appears to be controversial.  Yes, I may not always agree with everyone that I know.  Yes, sometimes I am repetitive and maybe not interesting to others.

But it's all me.  It's all mine.  At least once a year I remind anyone that really hangs around long enough to read any of my posts that I created this site (now SIX years ago!) to capture my life journey as a woman, a parent, a spouse and a friend.  I write about MY perceptions of life events, which may not always be aligned with everyone else reading.  I illustrate my flaws, often ask for advice when conflicted or confused and write the honest truth about what is happening in my life.  It's not always popular.  Sometimes people get mad at me.

I allow that, of course.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just as I.  But if you carefully read my words, you will see that I never write lies.  My words are intentional.  When I do on occasion spew angry posts, I save them and typically delete them the next day.

It's hard for others at time to look inside, admit their own flaws.  That has never been an issue for me.  I'm filled with them (as evidenced by my blog!)  The difference is I'm not afraid to admit them.  Because deep down, I know someone else will identify with me by admitting the truth.  And someone always does!

So to kick off November - today I am grateful for my truths.  I'm grateful for the ability to write and be honest.  I'm grateful for the platform to do so.  And I'm grateful for the clarity that typically comes along with the process.

Enjoy my faves this week, friends!


Yep.  By far my fave uniform for fall.  LOVE IT!


After a long run in cool weather there is nothing better than a full dunk.  I love tubs in general but this square version screams to me.  Coupled with the stone walls, I'm in total heaven.


AHH!  Love shorty boots!  These are definitely on top of my list!


Mmm... I love pumpkin.  And who doesn't love cream cheese.  This swirly dip looks decadent to me.  Click here for the link to the recipe! ---->  Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip


This is exactly how I feel.  If I can't get it down on paper, it didn't happen.  I love looking back at my old journals from childhood.  I have a terrible long term memory and writing has always helped me chronicle life events and have a platform to remember better.

That and I completely love it.


Before swarovski crystals, the seventies boasted the macrame.  And my mother was leading the charge in my childhood 'hood to sell anything and everything to everyone.  All things mac came out of our garage!  She was mostly known for her hanging plant holders, but I have a feeling if she saw this gem she would have fashioned it in a moment's notice.

I miss her.  And that smell of macrame in my garage.  Some things I will never forget.


I absolutely love technology but some days I am worn out trying to learn all the new gadgets and short cuts to be more efficient.

I caught of a glimpse of this last week and couldn't help but giggle.  My little guy didn't get it at all.  Of course.


I find it very hard at times to figure out my gift giving throughout the year.  I usually lean one of two ways:  functional or sentimental.  I'm not one to throw down cash on an item because of it's THE thing to buy.  It still must have a need somehow or I just can't part with the cash to do it.

By far my fave gifts to give are homemade.  Something about handing something off you put time and effort into in a calculated way makes me always feel proud.  I found a great site for the best homemade gifts for 2013 so I thought I'd share it with you!  Click here -----> Ultimate List of 2013 Food Gifts


MUST HAVE!  I love this hobo bag!  Great color, great size.  Perfect for me.


When I see a birch tree I instantly think of Hubs.  And Colorado, of course.  He absolutely loves them.  I love the delicacy of their bark but mostly love when those gorgeous orange leaves drop and the white trees stand against the blue skies.  Truly fall!

Happy November, friends!


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