Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It is the first official Snow Day of the season and I'm anxiously awaiting Coop's decent from his room. 

No doubt he will be jumping with joy as he prayed it would continue to snow, snow, snow last night.  Little does he know that they aren't actually canceled due to the snowfall; rather, the 15 below zero wind chill which will undoubtedly trap him in the house the entire day. 

What will begin as the most exciting, thrilling moment of joy will quickly end in the famous "I'm bored... let's go DO something momma" standard phrase.  Isn't it enough to just stay in your jammies all day?  Oh yeah, that's what Sundays are for. 

So I'm mentally preparing for the ebb of excitement and quick decent into frustration that will fill my house momentarily.  I will try to discover something new we can do to hold his interest for more than 10 minutes which working from home.  Thank god for video games, computers and television - what did we ever do without this multitude of technology?  Oh yeah, we used our imaginations.  Well, it will come in handy today as I try to suggest things for him to do!

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