Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Faves.... Ainsley Style!

I tossed and turned all night, knowing it was just a case of the jitters.  Deep breaths.  I'd only been with my daughter for just over 24 hours but my body ached for hers.  She was so uncomfortable, stretched significantly beyond the space of her small frame.  I took note of how incredible the human body is - completely adaptable to change.

We should be that skilled.  You know, us humans.

I couldn't help but wince at each contraction.  She was so brave.  Always has been, actually.  She is strength for her family.  It's one of the million things that I love about that girl.  She can talk through any situation until she has surfaced a logical path.

As I entered the kitchen, Bubba was quiet.  Not particularly unusual as he typically isn't a chatty Cathy in the morning.  But this morning, he was somberly quiet.  

I'd seen it a thousand times, that face.  He was being strong.  Batting down his fears.  Being the brave one.  Keeping the faith.  It's one of the million things I love about him.

They were us - Hubs and I.  Quiet and strong, confident problem solver.  Their similarities to us always make me smile. I let out a little giggle as I reached around to grab my camera.

"Smile you two!  It's the BABY day!"

My son's glare could have cut my body in two.

"Mom.  It's 5:30 in the morning.  Do NOT take our picture."

I snapped it anyway.  I've learned to ignore his irrational morning words many years ago.

As the kids pulled out of the driveway, the house sat eerily quiet.  Nugget was still sound asleep.  Even Hank had fallen back to sleep on the couch.

I was alone to wait.  Wait for the news of our littlest one's arrival.  And I must admit, I was a bit scared.  I tried to busy myself.  I couldn't keep focus reading.  Facebook wasn't buzzing yet with my friends so no fun updates.  Instagram was silent.  Even twitter had few new feeds (that I cared about, anyway).

I think it may have been the longest 4 1/2 hours of my life.  And then, just like that, she was here.

She is amazing.  She has the sweetest little squeaky cry.  She is so soft and vulnerable.  And she is so incredibly loved.

In honor of our sweetest thing, below are my faves for the week!

Welcome to this big world, Ainsley Isla!

Wowzers!  8 lbs, 5 oz, 20 1/2 inches long!

Sleeping is her fave thing to do right now.


Meet Eli, your big brother and Master Protector!

"I hold the Baby?"  But of course!

"I love the Baby!"  Yes buddy, we do too!

So awesome to see him look at her...

My beautiful family.  So incredibly proud!

Yep.  Even I did it.  The big bow.  Girls ROCK!

My cup runneth over.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


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