Friday, September 27, 2013


I always know when I've officially slipped into "fourth quarter" mode in my industry.  Although one might think it is just 10/1-12/31, it has backed itself up further into late August/early September for most of us in the insurance field.

The eye twitch begins.

I spend a significant amount of time on the computer during this time.  Couple that with the amazing amount of iPhone usage (and still the occasional Kindle read) and my left eye creates it's own survival mode.

It's been twitching for two days now.

I'm seriously about to poke it out.  I've rubbed it until it's bright red.  I've closed it for long extended blinks a zillion times trying to get it to stop.

It won't stop.

I may just strap on a pirate patch and call it a day.  Anything to tape it down and make it stop.  It's going to drive me absolutely insane.

I thought after a great night sleep I could get it to stop.  Nope.  Didn't work.  Of course the first thing I did this morning was open up and work on a spreadsheet filled with calculations.

And so it goes until the end of the year.  Yay me.

Somehow I've been able to compile a few faves for you in spite of my twitch.  Enjoy!


Did I mention how excited I am to meet little Lentil?  She is almost here!  One more Friday Faves and I will be awaiting her final few days on the west coast.  I could not be more excited.  So of course I'm constantly finding new legs for her :).


Yes, I'm still obsessed with pallets.  I swear I will stop someday.  Right after I figure out how to make this.


As fall continues to come, I love pics that illustrate fog and calm.  This is Lake Orta, Italy.  Let's go!


Ooooh.... PLEASE and THANK YOU!


One of the things I love about fall is all of the new pilots and old fave shows return with new episodes!  I know they have been on FOREVER and worn everyone out but I still love Meredith Grey and always will.  Her truth and honesty is somewhat lost on this generation. 


Mmmm.  Nothing says fall like APPLES.  So who wouldn't want a big 'ole hunk of this Apple Pie Dump Cake?  This is totally my style.  Doesn't look pretty but tastes incredible!  Click here for the yummo recipe ---->  Apple Pie Dump Cake


Not totally suitable for an office obviously.  But I do love the casual, comfy look of a country girl!  Someday!


NO - I absolutely, positively would NEVER do this.  NEVER.  That doesn't mean it isn't funny.

Happy Friday, friends!

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