Saturday, September 14, 2013


It's FRIDAY, it's FRIDAY, it's FRIDAY!  Happy dance happening in my kitchen right now!

For the first time in approximately 18 years, my hubs left our fam for a week long business trip.  If you see a flash of black SUV flying down 435 today, please ignore... it's just me driving Mach 10 to pick him up.

I couldn't miss him more.

In all honesty, it's partially due to the life management stress of this week.  Little guy with a slinged elbow, Jackson taking a giant nose dive (further) south, after hour work commitments, squeezed in doctor's appointments... it's all just been a little much for me on my own.

I used to think that I could do it all.  You know, women's lib, stronger than oak, don't need anyone concept.  In all fairness I didn't think that up on my own - media, movies, women in the workforce - it is surrounding all of women every single day.

It's all bullshit, girls.  Pardon my french.

I'm tired.  I don't really love cleaning, shopping, paying bills, nurturing 24/7, being the designer of my home, stylist for my kid, maker of AMAZING amounts of food and somehow attempting to be THE Worker Bee of the Universe.

But somehow, by some afforded about of grace, I made it through the week.  I survived.  I even came out a little unscathed.

But I'm totally ready to scoot out west.  Sorry, hubs... your turn!

In case you have missed the giant countdown clock on my page, we are 23 days to the arrival of our little lentil.  I could just die with excitement!

Below are my faves for the week.  It was a rough find for me.  I honestly wasn't totally inspired to search.  I'm sure next week will unveil much better picks.



Although I usually find some sassy kicks for me, I couldn't help but fall in love with these babies!  I think Lentil needs this desperately!


Instead of crappy bags of chips and calorie ridden soda, why not install a Novel Idea?  I love this!


Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me.  I literally had to wipe drool from the computer keyboard.  These look incredible!!  Click here for the recipe ---->  Dark Chocolate Brownies with Caramel Frosting


AGHGHGHG!!!  In honor of Friday the 13th.  'Nough said.


Okay, I know I am overloading everybody on my newfound love of pallets.  I still haven't figured out where old but in good shape pallets are just laying around for people to take but if I ever find the motherload, I may never leave the garage again.  I love this headboard.  Bring it on!


This is totally me.  Except if you ask me what you wore yesterday.  Then I wouldn't remember because I spend more time looking at your face, studying body language and listening to you than I do staring at your wardrobe.


This past week (or two) we discovered that E.L. James had finally helped select her lead roles for the upcoming sexual trilogy 50 Shades of Gray.  There was a TON of buzz - it was literally on every news station, magazine and social media exploded with the news.  The lead she chose to be our sexy but conflicted Christian?  Well....

Riiiight.  That's exactly what I thought.  I've never watched Sons of Anarchy but this guy was certainly NOT enticing me to run to the theater to watch what had became my fave story line in a long time.

So what's a girl to do?  Research, of course.  I started stalking the dude, trying to figure out what E.L. could possibly have been spiking her coffee with that morning.  Seriously?  Some Charles Dickens movie?  The bad guy in Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman?  His resume wasn't screaming success to me.

Low and behold, I figured it out.  THIS is what she saw....

Our quiet, strong jawed, sexy Christian must lie in there somewhere.  Put a power suit on him and clean up that face and folks, we may have a winner.  I hope he knows he is in for the ride of his life.  This movie could make or break his career.  He indicates he holds out for films, selecting not necessarily lead roles, because he wants to be relevant in 60 years.

We shall see.


Since Davis spent the week in East Tennessee, we are now moving there.  Oh, hold onto your panties, friends... we aren't really moving.  There, anyway.  But he is in love.  In love with the Smoky Mountains, the calm and serene landscape and of course, what man wouldn't love Bristol Speedway.  THIS is his dream.


With cooler weather creeping in, I can't help but think of Halloween night.  Homemade apple cider brews on my stove every single Halloween as we carve up our pumpkins for our porch.

Here's a bit of a twist on my fall staple.  I think I've gotta try this!  Click here for the recipe! --->  Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


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