Friday, September 06, 2013


It's officially one month until I board that jet plane headed west to meet my beautiful granddaughter.  It's so weird to say it... granddaughter.  It evokes so many emotions inside of me, some that have been buried for many years now.  One of the most influential people in my life was my grandmother.  She had a kind heart, a wisdom so beyond me.  She knew how to live life, completely.  She was confident, calm, consistent and cool!  I have never met another woman like her.  Our bond was unbreakable.  She completely loved me unconditionally and I knew it down in my soul.

I spent many hours talking to my Nana about life, love, heartbreak, disappointment and confusion.  She was a significant source of strength for me during the most confusing time of my life (not quite a grown woman but trying to play one in real life).

I can only hope and pray that I am half the woman to my grandchildren that she was to me.  For now, I'm going to keep chasing E around the house playing "Getcha" or hide and seek, giggle at his vocabulary (No Way!) and help him into his monkey flip flops.  I am the luckiest woman alive.

Below are my faves from around the web this week.  Enjoy, friends!


Oooh.  I love, love, LOVE this one!  It's one thing to say you are going to do something but the truth is you must have intent behind your words for it to be meaningful.  Words are just words.... actions say it all.  I think I have to order this pronto!

With Halloween (and Lentil's arrival) right around the corner, I can't help but find loves such as this.  Sassy is a giant Batman fan so why wouldn't this make the most perfect first Halloween costume?  Just may have to grab it!


With my annual Hermann trip right around the corner, I'm finding all sorts of loves with wine.  This one grabbed me at first glance.  What an awesome way to give a bottle of wine to a man?  Takes away the feminine aspect of it I think.  To bad I don't know how to sew (although I do know many women I could commission!)


Oh my.  As if my love for TOMS wasn't enough... now they are entering the fashion industry with eyewear!  I absolutely need a pair of these!  RayBan, meet TOMS!  I wonder if they give children a pair of glasses in third world countries?


Okay, I am SO not crafty.  But I can't help but fall in love with DIY shows, webpages and ideas I find.  I just wish I was more handy to actually execute them!  My newest obsession is all things pallets, as if I know where to find used pallets just laying around in perfect condition that I could get for free.  But seriously... how cute is this guy?


Ah... bring on the cooler weather.  Give me some long sleeves, some jeans and some boots.  Fall makes me so happy!  I love layering up against the crisp, cool weather.


Yes, please!!  Oh my.  Click here for the recipe for these golden nuggets! ---->  Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles


Momma Bear's UNITE!


Don't really love the color but I totally love the concept.  In looking at my sink right now I see a handsoap dispenser and a scraper just laying next to the faucet.  Blah.  How cute is this?  And although I actually purchased a stand years ago that was brutally expensive, this is just a cake stand probably from a dollar store repurposed.  Love it!


I repainted almost the entire first floor of my house Labor Day weekend.  It's finally time to drag out all of my fave time of year decorations!  This caught my eye for my kitchen.  Cheap and easy.  And I already have the glass containers!  WEEKEND PROJECT!

Have a great weekend, friends!


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