Sunday, September 15, 2013

Celebrating Bubba's Birth!

It was a beautiful fall Friday night.  Visiting close friends to watch a race on television, I felt the first twinge of many I would endure that night.  I was young, scared and full of anticipation.

A few short hours later, we were surrounded by friends and family anxious to meet you.  Little did we know you were in absolutely no hurry.  

As I look into the eyes of the man you have become I see that baby placed in my arms 24 years ago.  The images of that moment are burned into my soul and will never be forgotten.  Your big beautiful (then) blue eyes, your long toes (I had no idea how long they were actually going to be!) and your perfectly laid back nature were my absolute favorite things about you those first few moments together.

On this day, I reminisce those first moments clearly.  I can still smell your sweet baby scent, feel your soft skin against mine and hear those faint sounds of communication that became the intimacy of our unshakable bond today.

I spent much of my motherhood attempting to teach you how to maneuver this world.  But Son, I had absolutely no idea what I was about to learn from YOU.

I am so blessed and grateful to have met you.  You are an inspiration to me every single day.  Momma loves.

Happy 24th birthday, Jeremy.  You are my HERO!

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